Jarvis Landry Quotes

After a weekend of struggles on offense, sophomore receiver Jarvis Landry opens up establishing trust with Zach Mettenberger and moving forward to the back half of the schedule.

Along with Kevin Minter, wide receiver Jarvis Landry also met with reporters Monday afternoon.

The sophomore was a good sport with the media, answering a slew of tough questions about the team's struggling offense, their confidence and how to fix the mess moving forward.

One of the big topics he hit on was trust and specifically what type of trust still needs to be cultivated for LSU to be a better offense. It was probably his most revealing – and interesting – answer on the day, and you can find it in his third quote.

Check it all out below.

(Some quotes need no introduction and are straight-forward while others will have a little explanation beforehand with the direction of the questions.)


On predictability: "I think it's an on-and-off thing that's kind of happening with us. I think that we've played to our strengths. We try to do the things that we do well often. Like you say, sometimes it's predictable, but sometimes it works. It's gotten us hundreds of victories here. Maybe we need to mix things up. Who knows what the coaching staff has prepared for us this week? So today (Monday) is a big day, a learning day for us. I can't wait to see the game plan."

"I just think that we didn't execute. On a lot of plays we had guys missing assignments, things like that. We just have to continue to focus. We put a lot of guys in different positions, positions they've never been in. We started freshmen and things like that. We have to continue to develop, but (Saturday) there was just a lot happening in such a big game in such a loud place."

On the biggest problems the receivers are having: "Right now it's trying to work on trust, trust with Zach [Mettenberger], timing. I think those things are required for an effective passing game. Like you said, it's just being at the right place in the right time, and Zach trusting us to be there and just letting the ball go … Basically trust is, you see guys in the NFL who on TV don't look open. The defenders back is turned, but the quarterback still throws the ball. That's trust. That's basically saying ‘I'm trusting you to make a play. I'm giving you a chance to make a play. I'm trusting you that if I throw it in this window, I'm trusting you to be in this spot where I throw the ball at.' I think if we can do that, and instill that trust within Zach and the coaching staff, then we can have opportunities."

On translating from practice: "It's the carry-over. We've got to continue to try and carry over the things we do in practice. I feel in games we start really fast, and as it gets closer to halftime we kind of slow down. I think we've got to keep on pressing. We've got to keep on making little plays and bigger plays will happen."

On receivers working after practice: "Definitely. It's a stressing thing now. We've got to stress. We've got to press. By us doing that, it shows the coaching staff maybe these guys need a chance. It just shows them we're willing to work after even though opportunities aren't coming our way. But we still put in that work so if it does, when it does, when we get a few more, we'll take advantage of them."

On if it's more about getting better at what they're practicing then changing: "Yeah, definitely. As a player I support any decision that the coaching staff makes. We just have to execute. I think if we execute, you'll see a lot more things come together. We fall apart in certain areas, and we just have to be more together so we can execute … No, nobody's to the point of fed-up (when asked that as a follow-up question)."

"I really wouldn't say it's frustration. It's more of the anticipation of ‘When is this going to happen?' We kind of just go along with the system, buy into the system as receivers. We just keep trying so that when the calls do come our way more often we'll be ready … It's definitely (humbling)."

On if expectations were too high on this offense: "In some instances, yes. I feel like with people thinking that guys like me, guys like Zach, things like Odell stepping up, people kind of overlooked everything else. People felt like this guy was a savior, or things like that. It's not like that. There's a system that we all have to buy into and at the end of the day that we're all entitled to. We signed here to win games, so that's what I'm here for."

On all the injuries: "It's really big, and it's put limits on our offense. I think that losing key guys like that, especially [Alfred] Blue, (hurts). It's that aspect now that we have to do things around the elements of what guys can do. We've just got to get better and get guys more reps on things they're weaker at so we can get stronger in that area … I would say so (when asked if Blue was one of the better backs in blitz pick-ups)."

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