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LSU's starting middle linebacker met with the media Monday following a career performance in The Swamp that saw him make an eye-popping 20 tackles.

Junior middle linebacker Kevin Minter met with reporters Monday afternoon. After recording a career-best 20 tackles against Florida, Minter was more focused on getting back on the winning track, improving linebacker play.

He touched on a number of topics, including the loss of Kwon Alexander, the need for Lamar Louis to step up in his absence and tackling Marcus Lattimore.

He even took a few stabs at what's been ailing the LSU offense.

Check it all out below.

(Some quotes need no introduction and are straight-forward while others will have a little explanation beforehand with the direction of the questions.)


"We have such a great tradition of winning in this program that it feels kind of funny to be on the other end. We've gotta prove (ourselves) this week. Hopefully there's a bad enough taste (in our mouths) that we'll want to not get it again for the rest of the season."

"Kwon [Alexander] was a great talent. He was one of the best freshmen linebackers I've been around. He caught onto the defense so fast. I'm not going to lie, it's going to be a big loss. But we have other players, Lamar [Louis] and Luke [Muncie], who can fill in."

On Luke Muncie's health: "Yeah, he's good. I can't necessarily say he's 100 (percent), but he's probably close to it. I'd have to say he'll contribute well in these next games."

On getting Lamar Louis ready for more action: "We're just going to have to prepare him a lot more, get his mind right and make sure he's paying attention in practice because it's all or nothing this week. He needs to step up."

On if he knew how well he was playing in-game: "To be honest with you, that never really came around (to me). I was just trying to do what I can for this team. I knew I was doing decent, but the way the score was looking it never really felt that way. I didn't really know what I had done until the end."

On Marcus Lattimore and what he'll do when he sees him in the hole: "He's a great back, and I can't wait to go against the guy. He's one of the best backs in the SEC, the country. It'll be great competition for us … It's just like any other running back. You can't look at him any different, that's how you get run over."

"It's just re-focus and try to keep all the stuff that's not going to help us win, the distraction stuff, outside the locker room.(We need to) get back to what we do, which is winning."

On the Florida game: "We were on the field for a long time, but we did have a couple of miscues. I felt like we improved a lot from the Towson game. That was probably our best game we've played, I feel. Especially with the competition we were going against. Florida has a ridiculous amount of talent. To hold those guys to 14 points is a big deal."

On if LSU's offense looks different in practice: "They're just so talented on that side of the ball you kind of wonder, ‘Maybe we could've done something better during practice to give them a better look.' Maybe it was on us. I feel like with Zach [Mettenberger], Odell [Beckham] and them, they'll get back to doing like they're supposed to. I have all the confidence in them. Mettenberger is one of the best quarterbacks I've seen. I feel like they'll get it done."

On how to improve the offense: "It's just the little things. I was talking to Spencer [Ware] and them. It wasn't like they were just completely getting dominated. It was just like little things like people missing routes, or not catching balls, just little things we've got to fix. I mean we were one big play from being back in the game or in overtime. They're just like the defense, they've got to work on the little things."

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