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TSD shines light on rumored LSU commitment for Class of 2013.

Sources have confirmed that the commitment of British center Dylan Johns for a spring enrollment at LSU is false.

The original reports by multiple media outlets were filled with errors and inaccuracies from the beginning as first pointed out by TSD.

When asked about Johns' commitment, a TSD source said, "it was news to us."

The source also confirmed that LSU's roster is set and there would be no additions eligible to play for the spring semester.

The first error in other media reports was Johns' supposed school, All of the major recruiting databases, including Scout, list Johns as attending Trent Internationale School near Houston. A source in England informed TSD on Monday that "(Johns) has never been at the Trent School in Houston."

Adam Zagoria, of, originally reported the story. Zagoria had quotes from the basketball coach at Trent, Eugene Harris, confirming the commitment.

However, the administration office at Trent confirmed to TSD that Johns has never been a student at the school.

Trent does offer a summer basketball training program, which Johns apparently participated in, resulting in some confusion.

The Trent coach also told Zagoria that Johns would be enrolling in December. The source in England reached by TSD said that is not true.

"I'm not sure why all this stuff about Dylan has blown up in the last 48 hours, but it's all wrong," the source informed TSD Tuesday, via electronic communication. "Dylan won't be at LSU in December, that's not to say he won't be there next season, though."

TSD will have an in-depth story in the near future, as we attempt to reach Johns, who is back home in England.

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