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LSU's junior defensive tackle discusses the Texas A&M offense, run game, quarterback Johnny Manziel and how the team's getting ready to wake up early for Saturday's 11 a.m. kickoff.

LSU defensive tackle Bennie Logan is a big man at 6-3, 295 pounds.

In fact I'd be willing to say the redshirt junior from Coushatta is probably the biggest man to ever wear the coveted No. 18 in TigerTown. Watch him on TV, and he definitely fills out that jersey.

The Tigers' run-stopper in the middle – who's compiled 17 tackles, 3.5 for loss, a sack and a big forced fumble at Florida – also knows how to fill out an interview.

Logan shared some pretty honest insight following practice Tuesday on the Texas A&M offense, quarterback Johnny Manziel, waking up early and even drew a few laughs talking about his run-in with Steve Spurrier and pondering how fast Manziel is.

First, to look back, here's how Logan described his encounter with South Carolina's visored head ball coach late Saturday night when asked if they had words with one another.

"No, and there's a lot of people (saying that). There's a picture going around," Logan said, almost surprised at the attention surrounding the whole thing. "He was getting on the ref about a late call, and it just happens I'm in the picture, so it seems like he's fussing at me. We never had any words exchanged, though."

So what exactly did Spurrier say?

"I don't think it's appropriate what he said on camera, so I'm not going to say it," Logan said with a smile on his face.

Looking ahead, Logan knows the LSU defense has a chore on its hands this coming Saturday in College Station. Chief among those concerns is containing mobile quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Manziel, a true freshman dubbed "Johnny Football," accounts for an absurd 392.7 yards per game, 112.7 of which come on the ground.

"He's fast, real fast. He's a dual-threat quarterback like we've seen a couple of times this year, but he's faster than the ones we've seen and he's a pretty accurate thrower," explained Logan. "We just have to make sure we keep contain in the pocket, get in the throwing lanes to not give him any free windows and (prevent) lanes to run the ball. Then we have to press our linebackers, getting out of their zones, to attack him (if he escapes the pocket)."

Another thing Logan says the Aggies' signal caller does well is deceive with the ball in his hands.

"He does a pretty good job of throwing the ball on the run," Logan conceded. "He also does a good job of faking like he's going to throw it, then, when you jump to bat down the ball, he'll tuck it and run. So the thing this week Coach [Brick Haley] is telling us is to stay on our feet when we get to him. Don't try to jump for the ball or anything."

Logan did eventually run out of praise for Manziel mania when asked if the youngster is comparable to former Auburn quarterback and current Carolina Panther starter Cam Newton, something the LSU defensive tackle dismissed saying Manziel is neither as fast nor anywhere near is strong.

He was then asked if Manziel is faster than LSU defensive end KeKe Mingo, a former track star in his days at West Monroe High School.

"No, there's not too many people who can outrun KeKe Mingo," Logan responded before delivering the line of the night to a middle-aged reporter. "Can you outrun KeKe Mingo?"

Back to the A&M offense, Logan described the Aggies' tendencies on designed run plays.

"They're a big zone run team," continued Logan. "When you play a zone team, the big responsibility is gap control. That's the big thing this week, especially on the inside. You have to make sure you control your gap. The ends have to do a great job of sitting and reading. You don't want the ends to bust upfield to try and get the back and the quarterback pulls (on an option play).

"If we do that well, we'll do a good job of stopping the run."

Moving onto one of the big topics of the week, the 11 a.m. kick-off time, Logan said he expects to wake up around 6:30 or 7 in the morning Saturday for the game. For a normal night game, Logan indicated that alarm wouldn't go off until about 9:45 a.m.

Still, it's not something he feels will have a bearing on the game or how the team performs.

"We're already preparing to get up earlier," Logan said of the Tigers this week. "Tomorrow [Wednesday] morning we've got to get up at 7:15 to go the Academic Center, just to get our body used to getting up earlier. So coach is doing a good job of getting us prepared for Saturday, so it's nothing that will affect us at all."

But there is no denying Logan has a much easier time waking up when game day is the prize that awaits.

"Definitely," Logan answered when asked if it's easier than waking up for class. "Game day is something you're looking forward to. Class is kind of like the same old thing. You kind of like stumble around and say ‘I really don't want to get up.' But most of the time people will be up before the wake-up call comes on game day because there's so much more emotion involved in going to game day than going to class."

With all that said, will Logan be tucked in early Friday night?

"I can't promise you that," Logan deadpanned, drawing more laughs. "I'm going to try 10, no 11 o'clock probably. I'll be well-rested for the game."

Finally, the junior reflected on how anxious he and his teammates are to get to the upcoming bye week after the Texas A&M game is over.

"The bye week will be a great thing for us," concluded Logan. "First of all to get prepared for ‘Bama and give all the guys dealing with injuries time to recover and heal up and get a good game plan going into ‘Bama week. It's something that we're looking forward to, and everybody knows that bye week is next week. So a lot of people are putting a lot of emphasis on giving their all this game because if you give your all this game you'll have a week to relax and recover from it."

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