Q & A: Robert Kirby

LSU men's basketball assistant Robert Kirby is in his first year on the Tigers' bench. Check out what he had to say recently about recruiting players to Baton Rouge.

The following is a brief Q & A that I conducted recently with Robert Kirby, LSU men's basketball assistant coach and lead recruiter under first-year head coach Johnny Jones. Kirby brings a lot of experience and expertise in the area to LSU, having been a longtime assistant at Mississippi State.

Ben Love: I know you've recruited south Louisiana before, but now that it's your home base how have you found the experience of going back to a lot of these places locally?

Robert Kirby: Well, with the purple and gold on, it's a lot more welcoming. (Laughs) So it's been very good. You have a lot of talented young guys in this state, in the eighth- and ninth-grade classes, so it's a good deal.

BL: So with that purple and gold on, how has it been so far selling the LSU brand no matter where you've been in the state and around the country?

RK: It's a lot easier to sell a program that the entire state is rabid about. It makes a difference. No matter what gym you walk into, the people are excited. It's a welcoming feeling when you walk into a gym and people are excited about the colors that you have on because they're proud of you.

BL: One of the things Nikki Caldwell said recently is that Johnny [Jones] is contagious and that everybody can see how much he loves LSU and wants to raise the status of LSU basketball. How does that permeate and trickle down to the coaching staff?

RK: It does because he has a different type of zeal about him. This is a place that he has very fond memories of. He had a great deal of success as a player and as a coach. So he's completely enthusiastic about it, and it rubs off on you as a coach around him. It does.

BL: With this 2013 class, how many more players would you guys ideally like to bring in on top of the four already committed?

RK: We only have 13 scholarships every year. (Laughs) But, seriously, about two more, if possible. If they're the right fits, and if that happens it happens.

BL: And I'm assuming with those remaining spots there's a tilt toward getting more size on the team?

RK: Have you looked at our team lately? We definitely need length. Length is the most important part of this team that we're trying to build.

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