Game Thread: Texas A&M

Review all the action from LSU's come-from-behind 24-19 win over Texas A&M and chime in with thoughts of your own.

For the third straight week the Tigers did battle with a top-20 team.

And for the second time in those three opportunities, Les Miles' men came out on top.

No. 6 LSU (7-1, 3-1) beat No. 18 Texas A&M (5-2, 2-2) 24-19 on the strength of five turnovers and another stellar game from freshman running back Jeremy Hill.

Go inside all the action with notes, observations shared during the game and drop comments of your own by clicking on the top link below.

The second link will take you to today's SEC Thread. Finally, the last link will take you to the final stats for LSU's game versus Texas A&M.

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