Hayden Rettig Enjoys First Game at LSU

2013 quarterback commit Hayden Rettig experienced his first game in Tiger Stadium and came away with no hesitations that Baton Rouge is the perfect place for him.

Hayden Rettig came into his official visit this past weekend firm in his commitment to LSU, and everything he experienced in Death Valley only did more to reassure that.

"It was awesome," Rettig said. "I'm not going anywhere else. I'm going to LSU."

Rettig said he and his family got to spend plenty of quality time with the coaching staff during his weekend in Baton Rouge. That relationship proved to be the biggest factor in drawing Rettig to LSU.

"I got to meet them and understand what they're about," Rettig said. "That's what I liked about them. It's all about family at that school. It's a family atmosphere, like my high school. They take care of us. Everyone has everyone's back, and that's what I saw at LSU. That's what I love about it."

It doesn't hurt that Rettig will have the opportunity to play for a team that finishes near the top of the rankings after almost every season.

"Week in and week out, you have a chance to be a top-five team," Rettig said. "That's what we plan on doing. I just want to be a leader and contribute to the team. Everything that the coaches wants me to do, I'm going to do it."

Rettig also got to develop a relationship with one of his future teammates — fellow quarterback commit Anthony Jennings. Though the two could likely compete for playing time in the future, that didn't prevent Rettig and Jennings from hitting it off.

"He's a cool guy," Rettig said. "We're going to become really good friends over the next couple years. We're going to win games together."

As for the game, Rettig said he was disappointed in the loss, but said he was encouraged by the effort LSU put in despite being written off by many long before kick off. He also enjoyed seeing Zach Mettenberger have a breakout game after dealing with heavy criticism throughout most of the season.

"I met him, and he's a real nice guy," Rettig said. "He has a great personality. I've heard what people say about him, and it sucks. Stuff happens and people grow. I'm happy he had a great game. He's a good quarterback. I like the way he plays."

Rettig's next trip to Baton Rouge will likely come when he moves onto campus, as Rettig plans to enroll early. Next up for the four-star quarterback — Cathedral's first round playoff matchup with Santa Barbara.

"They're a good team," he said. "It should be a good game."

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