Neal Won't Enroll Early

Lewis Neal, a 2013 commit, hoped to enroll early, but LSU has run out of spots for players hoping to arrive in the spring.

2013 LSU commit Lewis Neal hoped to enroll early, but late approval from his high school has made him a victim of LSU's numbers crunch.

Neal said he informed his school too late that he wanted to graduate early, which led to him only receiving his approval a couple weeks ago. Once Neal told LSU he was approved, the coaches informed him there were no more spots available for early enrollees.

"I had to see what the numbers were looking like, but they said they were full," Neal said. "They said they wish I would be coming in early, but my school just approved it. Now it's too late."

How many players LSU can take in this class has been a heavily discussed topic. It's been rumored that LSU can take as many as 29, with four counting back to 2012 because LSU only took 21 last year.

But schools must still stay under the 85 scholarship limit in the spring, which affects how many early enrollees a school can take. Depending on attrition — players leaving for the pros, or for other schools — LSU has to place a limit, which means some kids will have to be turned away.

Unfortunately for Neal, he was one of those players.

"There's nothing they can do about it," Neal said. "It was too late when I let them know, but I just found out about it myself, so it sucks. But there are no hard feelings about it. I'll just have to do what I have to do when I get there. I'll still ball out."

Neal did talk to Les Miles on Sunday night to reassure him he wishes Neal could enroll early. He told him if something changes, he'll make sure Neal has a spot.

But despite the disappointment, Neal is still taking an attitude that he will hit the ground running whenever he gets the opportunity to arrive at LSU.

"Right when I graduate I'm coming in as early as possible," Neal said. "Once I walk across that stage, I'm coming as soon as possible. I'm not waiting at all."

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