Brumfield will be back at LSU

Visiting LSU has become part of the ritual this fall for 2014 four-star offensive lineman Garrett Brumfield. How does the U-High standout feel about his latest visit to Tiger Stadium?

For University High School (Baton Rouge, LA) standout Garrett Brumfield, trips to the LSU campus are becoming a routine occurrence. While the number four offensive guard for the class of 2014 has had a chance to take in the atmospheres at other schools this fall, no school has secured as many visits from Brumfield as LSU.

Because of this, the 6-4 270-pound prospect has really gotten a chance to get comfortable with everything LSU in addition to learning as much as possible about the school. Brumfield recently visited LSU for its 37-17 win over Mississippi State, something he felt pretty routine in doing.

"It was the same as all of the others," said Brumfield of his visit. "I pretty much got on campus and talked to some friends and then went to the recruiting area. I got to talk to the coaches and visit with some other recruits along with getting to go on the field and everything. It was a good visit."

One thing that was different about this visit for Brumfield is that he got a lot more face time with the LSU coaching staff. His talks with the coaches are something Brumfield really enjoyed and looks forward to continuing.

"I had some good talks with the coaches," said Brumfield. "I talked to Coach [Steve] Kragthorpe and Coach [Brick] Haley, and he is someone that I talk to frequently because he's a jokester. I got to talk to a lot of people and it was great. They were talking to me about everything and about how to improve my play and things. I really enjoyed it.

"Like I said I've been to around four or five games this year and nothing has really been different on any of the visits except for talking extensively with the coaches this time. But all of the visits have all been great."

While he has been to LSU multiple times this fall already, Brumfield has another school that he would like to check out in the near future. However, it is a visit that may have to wait a while.

"My family and I are contemplating going to Texas A&M this weekend but I don't think we are going to be able to make it because of late planning," said Brumfield. "I don't really have anything else planned, but I will probably make it to LSU again this weekend for the Ole Miss game. I just want to take things slow and be able to check everyone out and give everyone a fair chance."

Brumfield also maintained that he has had no change in his recruiting process at this point. He isn't sure about college visits beyond this weekend, but he does have a big event to attend in the near future.

"I am going to the 2014 Under Armour combine in St. Petersburg, Florida," Brumfield said, "but I'm not really taking any other college visits this fall other than this weekend."

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