Reaction from LSU players

Four LSU players break down the ins and outs of LSU's win for TSD.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Several LSU players met with the media following Friday's 20-13 win over Arkansas. Here are some of the best of the quotes I was able to get from Zach Mettenberger, Jarvis Landry, Jeremy Hill and Lamin Barrow.

Also, at the very end, I have an injury update on several Tigers.


On struggling a bit on offense today …
"When you have a defense and special teams like we do, they're going to help you out a lot. They did a great job in containing a great offense and Tyler Wilson. We (the offense) just did enough to get the win."

On Jarvis Landry's fantastic TD catch …
"It should be number one on the top 10 tomorrow for sure … Jarvis [Landry] was on a slower linebacker, and I back-shouldered it. You know, Jarvis makes those kinds of catches almost every day in practice. It's just exciting to see him finally get his opportunity to make one in the game."

On playing in the weather conditions …
"It was tough when it gets cold like that and windy. Your hands get dry, and it's tough to grip the ball a little bit. But you can't really make excuses. I think we did a good enough job with the weather concerns. It's been 75 degrees in Baton Rouge all week, so to come out here and be able to handle it being 32 degrees, I think we did a good job."

On the defensive pressure from Arkansas …
"They got pressure on me. We're going to look at film, and hopefully the O-Line can clean it up. But whether we play week or in the bowl game, we're definitely going to execute a lot better."


On what happened right after he caught the ball …
"At first I wasn't sure (if I was in bounds) because I hit the goal post kinda early, so I thought I might have been out maybe. But after I watched the replay, I kinda got a foot and a shoulder in there."

On if he practices one-handed catches …
"It's more of a clowning-around and playing-around thing. The first time you do it in practice you're like, ‘Man, I just did that.' That particular catch, I've been able to do it a few times in practice consistently. It's just one of those things. I'm actually left-handed, but I've got a lot of strength on my right, so I just went up and made a play."

On if LSU is BCS-worthy …
"Yeah, definitely. I think that we showed that to everybody when we played against ‘Bama. These past few weeks, yeah it's been a little shaky, but once we get it going and get it rolling, we're a tough team to beat."


On what Arkansas' defense did better in the second half …
"They were blitzing the safeties, shifting the line, slanting them and bringing extra men in the box. It's tough to go against that. We just have to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes the running back doesn't see the right hole. It just happens."


On that final drive …
"It's a little nerve-racking, but ever since the Alabama game we've been kinda stressing the last seconds of the game to our defense. So we just had to be on our toes. We knew what was coming at us, and, as a defense, we just had to put it together … First of all, it's about keeping the ball in bounds. Other than that, it's about getting to the ball fast, not letting any plays go and everybody being sound in coverage."

On getting injured players back for the bowl game ...
"We're going to have a lot of guys back, a lot of young linebackers back. Kwon [Alexander] is supposed to be coming back, so we love having everyone back. It's going to be a great feeling to see what this team can be and get ready for next year."


A couple of quick notes here:

- WR Jarvis Landry was wearing a boot on his right foot after the game. He said it was nothing serious and strictly a "precautionary thing."

- LB Lamin Barrow told reporters the injury that kept him out of part of the second half was a "little bit of hyper-extension" of his left knee. He said he put a new sleeve on, was able to go and didn't feel tons of pain. Barrow said he expects to go for the bowl game.

- S Craig Loston injured his ankle, according to Les Miles. Miles didn't think it was serious, and he expects Loston back for a bowl game.

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