LSU, 'Bama visits set for Beckwith

Four-star prospect Kendell Beckwith, the top remaining player on the Tigers' board in 2013, tells TSD's Hunter Paniagua when he plans to take official visits to LSU and Alabama, long considered his two leaders.

Publisher's Note: TSD's Austin Cooper originally had a story on Kendell Beckwith late Monday night which detailed the player's intentions to take three official visits (see below to read). Since, as of Wednesday mid-morning, Hunter Paniagua has learned the specific visit dates Beckwith has planned for LSU and Alabama. To view Paniagua's update, click on the link below.

Beckwith schedules LSU, 'Bama visits

For East Feliciana High School do-everything standout Kendell Beckwith, it hasn't taken long for the recruiting process to begin again after his high school season came to a close.

Beckwith played the last game of his high school career on Friday, when East Feliciana lost a close game to Notre Dame of Crowley, 16-14. While the loss still stings Beckwith, the 2013 prospect says he has turned his attention to recruiting now, in hopes of figuring out where he wants to spend his college career. The 6-3 220-pound projected outside linebacker explained that while he wants to see everything about the schools for himself, he will also weigh his family's opinion when the time comes.

"It's picked up already since the season ended," said Beckwith. "I have already started thinking about my official visits. I'm going to go into my visits looking at the schools very closely. I'm going to be spending my next four years there, so I want to make the right decision. My family will also help me with those things when the time comes."

LSU and Alabama have long been considered the favorites of Beckwith, however, the four-star prospect explained that another school has gotten back into the mix and will be receiving a visit from him.

"LSU wants me to come visit in January, so that's when I'll be there," said Beckwith. "I am planning on visiting Alabama, but I'm not sure when that will be yet. I'm also going to call Florida State to get an official visit set up there."

Beckwith is being courted by recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson of LSU. The player explained that he has had a great opportunity to build a solid relationship with Wilson, in addition to his relationship with an Alabama staff member.

"Coach Frank [Wilson] is my main recruiter and he's great," said Beckwith. "It's a very good relationship that I have with Coach Wilson, and we are very close. It's like Alabama a little bit because Coach [Burton] Burns is a good guy too."

Beckwith explained that his interest in LSU is not only because it's his home-state school, but also because it's a great place to play football. In addition to all that, he has very strong relationships with Tiger staff members across the board.

"Everything about LSU is great," said Beckwith. "Coach [Les] Miles and Coach [Frank] Wilson are the two I always talk to. I also talk to Coach [Brick] Haley because he would be my position coach there. It is a great place to play, if you are on the home side. They like to give the away teams a hard time."

The Jackson, La., native also explained that he likes what he has been hearing from the LSU staff with regards to what his role would be for the Tigers.

"They said that I could be a great fit on the defense," said Beckwith. "They said they need a guy like me that is long and can rush off of the end for them. They said I have a chance to play right away rushing off of the end out of the linebacker position."

Not only has Beckwith had a chance to build relationships with college coaches throughout the recruiting process, but he has also had a chance to build friendships with fellow recruits.

"I am the type of guy that likes to keep to myself for the most part," said Beckwith. "But, I talk to Chuck Baker, Jeryl Brazil, John Diarse and Rickey Jefferson a lot at LSU. I get to hang out with them every time I go down there because we are pretty good friends."

Beckwith explained that he is starting to get some pressure from those in his home town about where he should play his college football, something that he doesn't let get to him. With Beckwith having three schools that he would like to visit officially, he explained a little bit of what he likes about each of them.

LSU: "They are close to home and it is the home-state school. I have all of my family and friends here too. The coaching staff there is great as well."

Alabama: "They are in a small country town and I'm from the same kind of place. Alabama seems like home when I go up there."

Florida State: "They have been there all along. They are a great school with great tradition. I really like all of the coaches there."

With a final list of three schools, Beckwith still maintains that he will announce his college choice that the Under Armour All-American Game on January 4th in Orlando, Fla.

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