Playing without Hickey

On Monday a quartet of Tiger players talked about moving on without Anthony Hickey on the court. They remain steadfast that the pace will stay the same, even if different players are leading the attack.

With Anthony Hickey suspended indefinitely, LSU's players are preparing to move on with the 2012-13 season minus their starting point guard and spark plug.

Coach Johnny Jones maintained that Corban Collins, a true freshman, and Andre Stringer, a junior, will play the bulk of the time at the one while transfer senior Charles Carmouche can also play the point in a pinch.

Here are reactions Monday from Stringer, Collins, Carmouche and forward Johnny O'Bryant, a 2011 recruiting classmate of Hickey's.


"I'm thinking I'm going to get a chance to play a little bit of point guard here and there. Coach is saying we may switch things up … I've been practicing a little bit of point guard the last couple of practices, but we've got guys that can play the point – Corban [Collins] and [Charles] Carmouche can play the point. It just depends on which direction coach wants to go on game day."

"The attitude is the same. Obviously we know we're a man down, but we're a team, we're a family. So we're just going to do what we have to do from this point forward until other things happen."


"Nothing changes. Everything stays the same. We're just going to attack the game like we attack every other game. We're going to play our same principles, play fast, everybody do what they do and the results we'll speak for themselves."

"I mean life goes on. You have to deal with his decision-making and stuff like that. We wish him well and want him to be out there, but we all prepare and work hard every day so that guys are ready to step up."

"I actually played the point my freshman year at New Orleans. I started at the one for half of the season, so I'm pretty familiar at the point. I worked out on it a whole lot this summer. It's real familiar – just setting guys up and thinking pass first and shoot second to set guys up."


"I didn't even know what was going on or that something had happened. I just know that we were getting ready to practice and he wasn't dressed out. I really thought he was taking a test because he had a final to take, but coach announced it … Anthony's like a brother to all of us. It's all a brotherhood here. Not to have him on the floor and to see him make silly decisions off the court, it hurts me and it hurts the team. I hope Anthony grows up from this because we really need him out there."

"We don't have guys as fast as Anthony with the ball, but we're going to continue to play our pace of game. We've got other guys at the point that can push it, throw the ball ahead, score it and do so many other things. Nothing's going to change really."


"I don't feel any added pressure. I'm just taking it all in right now because I am going to have a bigger role and play more minutes now. I've just got to come in and be myself, and I'll be fine. Coach tells me a lot, ‘Don't put any pressure on yourself. Just go out there and be Corban Collins.'"

"My coaches tell me all the time that they don't need be to be another Anthony Hickey. They need me to be me in order for this team to get where it needs to be. As long as I'm just me, being a leader and quarterback on the floor, making sure guys are where they need to be and then knocking down open shots, the team will be just fine."

"It's kinda different in practice because I'm used to going up against him in every drill. But I'm not taking any steps back now because I've still got Andre to go up against and Carmouche to go up against. I definitely saw a lot of things and learned a lot of things from Anthony, but luckily I've still got these other guys now to help me along the way."

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