Pocic Ready to Enroll Early

Ethan Pocic made his first visit to LSU this past weekend as a committed member of LSU's 2013 class. The trip made him hungrier than ever to enroll early and get started with the Tigers in January.

2013 LSU commit Ethan Pocic made his first trip to Baton Rouge since he committed to the Tigers last summer.

Pocic hoped to make a trip to campus during the regular season, but his team's playoff run prevented him from making it. Pocic took his official visit to LSU this past weekend, and got to experience the school for the first time as a member of LSU's 2013 class.

"It was fun. It was a good time," Pocic said. "I just hung out with the coaches, and got to meet and greet the players. Talking to the coaches, I can really see why they're a top program.

"It was just talking to [the coaches] about football, stuff like that. Talking about my season and football in general."

Pocic was hosted on his visit by Josh Dworaczyk and Josh Williford, who were able to give him a glimpse on what it's like being an LSU offense lineman.

"They're real cool guys," Pocic said. "They're beasts on the field too, so it was great to hang out with them."

Pocic also got the opportunity to hang out with uncommitted prospects Priest Willis and Josh McNeil as well as fellow members of the 2013 class Anthony Jennings and Andy Dodd.

"I'm rooming with Andy in the fall, because the O Line is rooming together, so our chemistry is pretty good," Pocic said.

Pocic said he has everything squared away to enroll early, and will be on campus for good in January. Though there's plenty of traffic ahead of him on the depth chart, enrolling early could pay dividends.

Vadal Alexander did the same thing a year ago, and showed enough in the spring and summer to warrant moving him into the starting lineup midway through the season.

"I'm excited," Pocic said. "It's the best thing I can do. It's a good move to come in early."

All indications are that Pocic will play tackle upon arriving at LSU, though he doesn't know whether he'll play on the left or right side. Though LSU typically likes to crosstrain its lineman at all positions on the line, Pocic said the coaches haven't discussed with him the possibility of him playing guard.

"It doesn't really matter, but they want me playing tackle," Pocic said. "We'll take it from there. Coach told me he wants me to play tackle, but we'll see."

Pocic added some weight in his senior season, boosting up to 6-foot-6, 295 pounds. He said he anticipates breaking the 300-pound mark when he gets to campus.

"They told me when you get in there, kids just naturally bulk up and get bigger and faster," Pocic said. "I don't want to be putting fat on, but they said they can get me over 300."

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