Diarse's Visit All About Fun

John Diarse is all set to enroll early at LSU in less than a month. But before he moved to campus for good, he took an official visit to LSU which was all about having fun.

2013 LSU commit John Diarse had pretty much seen everything there was to see at his future college.

So when he took his official visit to Baton Rouge this past weekend, the trip was all about one thing — having fun.

"I just wanted to take one so I could at least say I took one of them," Diarse said. "It did [stand out] in a lot of ways. We ate at least three or four times a day. We just had fun. It was fun everywhere. You could never find a reason to be sad."

Diarse also finalized everything in order for him to enroll early in January. Diarse said everything is squared away, and after taking a few classes at Louisiana Delta Community College, he'll come into LSU with nine hours of credit.

"The only thing I got to do is turn in my final transcript, and after that I'm a student," Diarse said. "They'll have to wait on the clearinghouse to file me as an official student, so that's the only thing left to do."

Though there was always a bit of uncertainty as to whether Diarse would play offense or defense on the next level, it's now confirmed that he'll start at wide receiver for LSU. So on his official visit, he was hosted by Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham.

"Those guys took me in like I was a teammate already, making sure I was part of the group," Diarse said. "That's important for an incoming freshman to feel a part of something you aren't even a part of yet. Those guys embrace everything."

The two receivers were also able to give Diarse some advice as he transitions from high school to college, particularly Landry, who Diarse now considers a brother.

"I talked with Jarvis most of the time, and he gave me some key pointers on things I need to do before I come in that will help myself in the long run," Diarse said. "He's all about helping. We're like brothers now. We're that close now. We boosted our level of comfort around each other. We definitely bonded."

With his future position now set, Diarse has turned his attention to preparing himself to play wide receiver at LSU. He said he already began his freshman workout regimen, and has already started getting his mind and body right to transition smoothly into LSU.

"I just want to get acclimated into the program as fast as I can," Diarse said. "I want to work on some speed stuff to get back into the mode of a receiver, all different kinds of things to enhance my ability."

Now that he has officially graduated from Neville High School, the next step for Diarse is college. He'll arrive in Baton Rouge in less than a month.

"I'm excited to see some different stuff, to take my level of play up a notch," Diarse said. "A lot of people have been waiting on that. A lot of people have been telling me they know what I can do in high school, they want to see me on the college level now."

But before he arrives in Baton Rouge, he'll head to San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Diarse said the main goal in playing in that game will just be to have fun and avoid injury.

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