Longhi ready for LSU

Nick Longhi, an LSU baseball signee, will bring a lot of athleticism to the table for the Tigers. On the college level he thinks he can play at any number of places.

When the recruiting process started for LSU baseball signee Nick Longhi, there was one school that he was hoping he would hear from. The Venice High School (Venice, FL) standout explained he was very thankful when he first heard from LSU head coach Paul Mainieri.

The 6-2 212-pound first baseman/outfielder went on the say that he signed with LSU as early as possible because there was no doubt in his mind he needed to be in Baton Rouge.

"They started talking to me and they were interested," Longhi told TSD. "They thought I could present some help to their program at LSU. I'm thankful that they found me because that is my dream school. I love that place.

"I signed early in November. I knew that is where I wanted to go. It just felt right and I knew it was where I needed to be."

Longhi, who was named a 2012 Underclassman All-American, looked beyond baseball when he made his decision to commit to LSU. Longhi said it was important to him to find a school that he would attend, even if baseball weren't in the picture.

"I'd have to say the main thing was that I took baseball out of it because I could get hurt," said Longhi. "I wanted to go to a place where I could go to school without baseball, and that place was LSU. The place is great, the atmosphere and the fans, I love that place."

In addition to looking beyond baseball when making his decision, Longhi also explained that his relationship with the LSU staff sealed the deal for the Tigers.

"The relationship with the coaching staff is great," said Longhi. "It's one of the reasons I signed with them. Those guys are nothing but helpful whenever I have questions. They gave me a lot of attention when I was there on my visit. It's like a big family over there and I love that feeling."

While Longhi has played first base for a majority of his career, he has become somewhat of a utility man over the last year, something he anticipates won't change when he gets to LSU.

"I usually played first base," said Longhi. "Now I'm playing in the outfield a lot more because I have gotten more athletic over the last year. LSU told me I would do a little bit of everything. They said I would play first base and outfield and possibly pitch a little bit."

The chance to play early was also a huge selling point for Longhi. He explained that the LSU staff has full confidence that he can contribute for the Tigers as soon as he steps on campus in Baton Rouge.

"They just told me that I would have a very good chance to start my freshman year," said Longhi. "They said it wouldn't be easy, but if I put the work in, I will get that opportunity."

Being such a high-profile player, Longhi has already had several chances to sit down with professional scouts in the early stages of the draft process. After having several meetings, Longhi explained that he still has not received any indications on a possible round that he could be taken off the board.

"They don't really give me a round quite yet," said Longhi. "The scouts talk about that and money closer to the draft. Right now, they are just trying to feel out who I am as a person to make sure I would make a good clubhouse guy and a good teammate. I also have to take the eye test pretty often because the scouts want to make sure I can see and everything."

With the potential of being a high draft pick present, Longhi said it would have to be something exceptional to convince him not to report to LSU.

"It would have to be something pretty good not to go to LSU because of the atmosphere and the history behind that place," said Longhi. "I love it there and it would have to be pretty special for me not to be in Baton Rouge."

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