Miles Friday Presser Tidbits

With one practice remaining before the team breaks for the holidays, Les Miles addressed the media about his team's preparation. He also commented on the status of suspended players Brad Wing and Nic Jacobs.

LSU has one practice remaining before it breaks for Christmas and departs for Atlanta on Dec. 26.

LSU coach Les Miles spoke to the media following Friday's practice and said they have lightened the load as the week has progressed. He said he likes where the team is in its preparation, and the players are ready for a few days off.

"They're itching to get home for Christmas," Miles said. "They're interested to shop. They're interested in getting to do what everybody else in America is doing right now."

"It's a football Christmas."

The team will have a "situational scrimmage" Saturday in which the players work certain scenarios that will likely come up in the Chick-fil-A Bowl and work against different looks Clemson may bring.

Miles said the team is still at a point where they are implementing the gameplan as well as helping players develop with the added practice days.

"It's always both," Miles said. "We gameplan most of the day, and practice as such that we develop our team, with a piece of every practice that introduces them to a new situation or part of the gameplan."

Part of that preparation involves handling Clemsons' quarterback Tajh Boyd, who threw for 3,550 yards this season with 34 touchdowns, and picked up another nine scores on 492 rushing yards.

Miles said controlling possession on offense will be critical in minimizing the number of opportunities Boyd and the Clemson offense will have.

"I don't think there's any question that we have to do our share offensively to keep the ball and score," Miles said. "Our defense is looking forward to the challenge on that end and recognize that [Clemson] is very talented. We're really looking forward to seeing how that matchup plays out."

For the first time since LSU announced the suspension of punter Brad Wing, Miles spoke publicly about the suspension.

Though he refused to give details about the violation or for how long Wing will be gone from the team, he did take the opportunity to compliment Wing's replacement, Jamie Keehn.

"We're very fortunate to have very talented punters with big legs," Miles said. "Jamie's ready to do great things. The good news is he's already kicked, and he's been with us all year. He's taken a bunch of second-team snaps and understands our regiment. We wouldn't expect much difference."

Miles would not say if the it was only a one-game suspension or if Wing would be expected to return to the team in 2013.

"I'm really focused on what I have in this team, and coaching this team. I'm looking forward to getting to Atlanta."

Miles also fielded a question on the status of suspended tight end Nic Jacobs. After being suspended late in the season for an undisclosed violation, Jacobs will not return for the bowl game. Miles also refused to comment whether Jacobs would return next year.

"I haven't spent a lot of time on that. I'm worried about the guys I'm going to line up and play with."

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