Bottom line for Chavis is winning

John Chavis was asked again today his feelings on if he'd like to be a head coach one day. TSD's Ben Love has the latest with his response.

ATLANTA, Ga. – It's been a question asked many times publicly and among friends and family in Louisiana the past few years.

Does John Chavis want to be a head coach?

LSU's resident Chief of Defense was again faced with that inquiry today at a press conference for coordinators of both teams. The longtime defensive coordinator at Tennessee and now LSU expressed one main sentiment throughout his answer.

For him, it's about winning.

"My stance has always been the same," said Chavis to reporters. "I want to win. Winning is most important to me, and I want to win at the highest level. I want to coach kids, and I (specifically) use the word ‘kids.' I enjoy being around young kids, and I want to be a part of their life and that's the exciting thing.

"I can do that as coordinator and, I'll be honest, I can do it as a linebacker coach. If somebody says give up one of your titles today – coordinator or linebackers coach – (I'd say) let somebody else coordinate. I'll coach the linebackers."

But the master molder of defensive players did leave a caveat hanging.

"If the opportunity came where I could be a head coach in a program like LSU, on that level, certainly I would consider that option," Chavis continued. "But I like winning."

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