Lawson motivated after O-D Bowl

Tevin Lawson had one big final payoff to cap off his week in Houston for the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl. He talks about what work he still has left to do in this update.

The majority of the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl was a frustrating affair for LSU commit Tevin Lawson.

His opponents' use of the quick pass and screenplay neutralized his ability to gain penetration. He did have an opportunity at a sack early in the game, but the quarterback sidestepped him at the last second.

Despite all that early frustration, Lawson came out determined on his final series of the game. On one of the last plays, Lawson broke through the line, wrapped up the quarterback and got his sack.

"It was hard though because [the offensive lineman] was holding me the whole game," Lawson said.

That takedown was a satisfying way to end his week in Houston.

"Playing in this game, I'd give it a 10," Lawson said. "It feels good [playing in Reliant Stadium]. I hope I can play here again in the future."

When Lawson arrived for the opening practice, a bit of intimidation was evident as he began to notice the size of the offensive linemen. But Lawson improved throughout the week, and despite his raw ability at DT, impressed several in attendance.

He also experienced a glimpse into the future, playing with fellow LSU DL commits Michael Patterson and Lewis Neal.

"I love playing with them," Lawson said. "It gives me a challenge to see what it's going to be like next year."

The week of coaching also gave Lawson a better idea of what he needs to improve on before he enrolls at LSU this summer.

"I got some work to do," Lawson said. "But I did get a little better this week. I still need to work on getting my hips lower, speed with my hands, using my hands a little more and getting power with all the moves I make."

He still has some work to do in the classroom as well. Lawson said he took the ACT on Dec. 8, but is still waiting on those results. He has said he needed an overall score of 18 on that test to put him in more comfortable shape to qualify.

But while he waits for his grades to clear, Lawson only has his sights set on LSU.

"I'm still 100 percent LSU," Lawson said. "I'm not changing my mind. I just love the atmosphere there, so I'm ready for the change."

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