Diarse ready for LSU

LSU early-enrollee John Diarse spoke with TSD about what the game meant to him. He is also looking forward to getting to LSU and growing his relationships with his future teammates.

When John Diarse took the field for the Army All-American game, it was his last shot at playing against high school competition, only this time it was against the best of the best. The 6-1 212 pound receiver had an opportunity to play a position that he hasn't played in several years, and go up against some of the nations best cornerbacks. The memories that the former Neville High School (Monroe, LA) star made in the game will not soon be forgotten.

"It was a great experience getting to play against the nations top players," said Diarse. "It was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life."

While he was playing a position that he hasn't played in quite some time, Diarse explained that he still had a pretty good performance in the game. Diarse said he is looking forward to getting to LSU to improve his talents even more.

"I think I played pretty well," said Diarse. "I definitely have some things to work on. Getting back into the swing of things at receiver is going to take some time. I have the work ethic, determination, and confidence to overcome that, especially when I have coaches at LSU that will make me a better player."

With the day soon approaching where he will officially be a college student, Diarse is looking forward to enrolling early for more reasons than just football.

"I report on Friday," Diarse told TSD. "It will be really beneficial to me. Getting in there early and getting a head start with the program will be huge. School is also big with getting there early. I'll be way ahead academically at that point so it will make football a lot easier and allow me to be able to contribute."

Following his performance in the Army All-American game, Diarse had a chance to speak with some LSU staff members that traveled to visit with him and several of his future teammates. Diarse loved what he heard.

"They were just impressed with how much I showed them during the week with not having played the position in a long time," said Diarse. "Coach [Adam] Henry said I represented LSU well and he is looking forward to getting me on campus. I'm really looking forward to working with him and starting my college life."

Diarse has also been very attentive of what the coaches have had to say regarding keeping his head straight once he gets to Baton Rouge. Diarse explained that he believes that the coaching staff got their point across to him and he will be focused on what is important once he arrives at LSU.

"They just said to expect distractions," said Diarse. "They said some different guys got distracted and lost focus on what they are in school for. They want me to come in with the mindset so that I know what I want out of it."

"I believe in giving 100% and the fact that nothing but positives will come out of doing it. I'm looking forward to getting after it."

One thing that Diarse explained was fun during the All-American week was getting to bond with his future teammates, one of which will report to campus at the same time as him.

"Those are some great guys," said Diarse. "We all bonded throughout the whole week and cracked jokes. It was just a great time. We got a lot more familiar with each other."

"It is going to be great once we are all together. Hayden [Rettig] and I are the first two to get there and it is going to be a lot of fun. We understand that we will all have to help each other achieve what we want to as a team."

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