COLUMN: Rettig vs. Jennings

Fans are already wondering which one of LSU's 2013 QB commits will set himslef apart. While it's far too early to project, it will be an interesting competition to watch.

It might take three years until either one takes a meaningful snap for LSU, but the debate between Hayden Rettig and Anthony Jennings has already begun.

It's impossible to project which one will surpass the other by 2015 or 2016, but with each one being so close in terms of potential, it will be an interesting competition to observe over the next couple seasons.

The question was brought up in chat last night that Jennings may have been lost in the shuffle at this point, especially with Rettig's appearance in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl this past week. Though Rettig didn't set San Antonio on fire, his recent place under a national spotlight does bring him to the tip of the message board tongue.

Rettig showed about what everybody expected in the Army game — excellent arm strength with erratic accuracy. While it's rare that a quarterback excels in an All-American game, Rettig showed plenty reasons for optimism throughout the week, especially when connecting with some of his future teammates.

Jennings stayed home through the New Year though, not receiving that All-American game invite many may have felt he deserved. But that doesn't mean Jennings doesn't have all the same ability Rettig does.

Jennings has an equally strong arm, and has all the same inaccuracy problems as his Californian counterpart. Where Jennings does stand apart is on his feet. By no means a "run-first" quarterback — or even a "dual-threat" quarterback — Jennings does have some mobility, and can pick up some yards on the ground in case he has to improvise.

Perhaps Rettig's biggest weakness is his inexperience with maintaining composure on the run. But even that is a result of him rarely feeling pressure in a high school offense focused on the short pass.

So for now, it's too-close to call between Rettig and Jennings to say which one has the superior talent. But it is obvious fans are hesitant to resort back to a two-quarterback system.

LSU's last foray into that arrangement didn't come out beneficial for anyone, with Jarrett Lee waiting on the bench while Les Miles stayed questionably loyal to a run-first quarterback that couldn't run.

And it would appear that the possible "two-quarterback system" of the future has worked itself out. While Stephen Rivers has become the consensus heir to the Zach Mettenberger throne, rumors have started circulating that Rob Bolden and Jerrard Randall are looking to transfer.

That would leave the path clear for Rivers to become a two-year starter at the position, leaving the next question to fall on the futures of Rettig and Jennings. Obviously anything can happen, and this discussion may not even be relevant come this time next year.

But it's still fun to project, and if both players live up to potential, LSU could have plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the position.

The coaches may just have to flip a coin between two great quarterbacks.

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