Dupre ready for LSU visit

With several early offers already in hand, 2014 John Curtis standout Malachi Dupre will begin his college visits this weekend with a trip to LSU. He discusses that upcoming visit and where else he would like to see before making his final decision.

After transitioning from football to basketball, John Curtis Christian School standout Malachi Dupre still has his recruiting process on the backburner. At 6-3 175 pounds, Dupre has the size that many schools covet in a receiver prospect. What is even more intriguing is that Dupre managed to collect 816 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns in a run-first Patriot offense. Because of these things many colleges have already thrown their hats into the ring and given him a scholarship offer, including LSU. Dupre will examine the recruiting process more closely at a later date.

"The recruiting process has been slower than usual," said Dupre. "I just started basketball so I haven't really had time to focus on recruiting."

"I talked to Florida State recently. I also talked to Coach Frank Wilson from LSU last night because they have the Boys form the Boot junior day coming up. Other than that I haven't really been focusing on my recruitment at all."

Dupre will make the short drive to Baton Rouge to check out LSU for their Boys from the Boot junior day. The four-star recruit explained that it would give him an opportunity to meet some of the top players from around the state.

"I will be attending the Boys from the Boot junior day," said Dupre. "I really don't know what they have planned for us. They want the players to start building relationships with each other for the class of 2014."

"I'm pretty close with Devante "Speedy" Noil and a couple of other guys. I don't really know what to expect from them on the visit. They told us that they just want to talk to us about the school."

Aside from trying to build relationships with other players from Louisiana, Dupre said his visit should be somewhat routine. Having been to LSU numerous times, Dupre explained that he is really looking forward to interacting with other recruits at the event.

"I have been there a lot already," said Dupre. "When I go up there, I just want to go and enjoy myself with my friends and teammates. I want to see how it feels there and how it would be if I decided to go there. It will be cool to build some relationships with some of the other 2014 guys. I just want to get a feel for things."

Dupre explained that there are several schools after him, in addition to the home-state Tigers, and he only expects that number to continue to increase.

"Notre Dame, UCLA, Florida State, Colorado, Cincinnati, Florida, and Ole Miss are some of the other schools recruiting me besides LSU," said Dupre. "I just really appreciate every school that is recruiting me. I haven't heard from any new schools lately, but I'm sure there will be more when I start focusing on things again."

With his LSU visit being the only one scheduled in the near future, Dupre explained that he would like to visit some other schools once he has more free time. Dupre will also be relying on information about schools from his senior teammates, once they arrive on their respective college campuses.

"Notre Dame wants me to visit this spring," said Dupre. "Other than that I haven't thought about visiting other schools. I'll probably visit schools that some of my teammates go to just so I can see how they like it. I've already been to UCLA. I want to visit Florida State, but I haven't thought about when that might happen."

When it comes to making a final decision in the recruiting process, Dupre believes that he will know when the right time to make the call will be. That being said, Dupre full intends to give every school that is recruiting him a chance before choosing which college he will attend.

"Right now, I don't really intend on doing it for a while," said Dupre. "I'll do it when it feels right because I'll know it's the right choice. To be honest I highly doubt it would happen that fast, in terms of committing this weekend."

"There are so many things that you can learn about other schools and I would like to give them a shot. They are taking the time to recruit me, so I feel like I should give them a chance."

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