Godchaux remains optimistic

Plaquemine DE Davon Godchaux took in LSU for their Boys from the Boot junior day on Saturday. He discussed his offer situation and where he will go from here with his recruitment.

Being from the Baton Rouge area, Davon Godchaux has made numerous trips to the LSU campus. However, for the 6-4 245 pound defensive end, his visit on Saturday served a different purpose. The Plaquemine High School standout explained that he went into the visit wanting to examine the academic side of the LSU Football program, and he accomplished just that, in addition to interacting with the staff.

"It was great visit," said Godchaux. "I got to meet all of the coaches and stuff. I got to talk to Coach [Brick] Haley a lot. I like the way they talked about academics. They talked about the academic center a lot."

"They also talked about the requirements to get in and everything. That was a big deal for me and it really impressed me that they went over all of that."

There was another aspect of his visit that left an impression on Godchaux. He had an opportunity to sit down and discuss his future with the head man for the LSU Football program.

"I got to have a one-on-one talk with Coach [Les] Miles," said Godchaux. "He was telling me what it would take for me to be successful at LSU. He said he really likes me and that he looks forward to being able to coach me in college. He just talked a lot about how successful I could be if I came to play for him."

Heading into his visit, Godchaux thought there might have been a possibility of the Tigers extending a scholarship offer to him. While that didn't happen on Saturday, Godchaux remains optimistic and is more motivated than ever to prove himself.

"I didn't get the offer today," said Godchaux. "I'm staying optimistic. I know the offer will come eventually. I just have to keep working hard and keep my head up because I know I'll get it eventually. I think I may need to go prove myself at camp a little bit more."

Godchaux was also quick to point out what an LSU offer would mean to him, if one were to be given to him.

"It would be huge if LSU offered me," said Godchaux. "I'm not saying I would commit or anything, but they would definitely be my leader."

Even though he didn't receive an LSU offer during his visit for the Boys from the Boot junior day, Godchaux said his interest in the Tigers hasn't changed, and in certain ways has increased.

"My interest in LSU is high," said Godchaux. "The reason it is high is because the coaches are honest with me. They tell me how I fit in with them."

"They preach academics and it really would be nice to go to a place that puts that big of an emphasis on the academic side of things. That is why I am so interested in them."

Following his visit to LSU, Godchaux has a trio of other schools that he would like to check out in the near future, with two of them hailing from the SEC. He also has one school in mind that he will be camping at when summer rolls around.

"I definitely want to visit Texas A&M, Alabama, and maybe Florida State," said Godchaux. "I want to go to the first two schools pretty soon. Other than that, I plan on doing some camps and definitely being at the one at LSU this summer."

When he isn't focused on the recruiting process, Godchaux works on becoming a better player. One thing he does not lack is the drive to better himself, and it is something that he knows will pay off eventually.

"I just want to get better as a player and collect more offers," said Godchaux. "I have to do that because I never know when someone is going to be watching me and I want people to notice my play and my work ethic. I just have to continue to get better, and the rest will take care of itself."

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