Coach's Corner: Jeremy Cutrer

It has been nearly a year since Jeremy Cutrer committed to LSU. His high school coach, Zephaniah Powell, breaks down the recruitment of Cutrer and what the future looks like for the talented safety in this week's Coach's Corner.

Throughout the recruiting process, LSU commitment Jeremy Cutrer has made it a point to keep to himself. With the 6-3 175-pound safety being committed to LSU for nearly a year, Jewel M. Sumner High School Coach Zephaniah Powell discussed the specifics of Cutrer, on and off the field.

While he is projected to play safety at the next level, Powell explained that Cutrer is a very versatile player that can play a number of positions on the defensive side of the ball. In 2012, Cutrer made 66 tackles and four interceptions, an improvement over his 2011 season. In his discussions with the LSU staff, Powell has learned that two coaches have big things in store for Cutrer once he arrives in Baton Rouge.

"He is a hard worker and he is very coachable," said Powell. "He has the ability to contribute at corner or safety. Coach [John] Chavis and Coach [Corey] Raymond have some big things in store for him. He's a great, humble kid. He also has the ability to add weight to his rangy frame."

Even though he has been committed to LSU for nearly a year, Powell said that Cutrer speaks with the LSU staff on a regular basis. According to Powell, the Tiger coaching staff has made it clear to Cutrer how much he will be needed throughout his career at LSU.

Powell explained that he has also noticed a change in the way that the LSU staff is recruiting this year, as compared to past years.

"Jeremy talks to someone every week," said Powell. "Coach [Brick] Haley was his main recruiter this summer, but Coach [Corey] Raymond took it over when he was hired. They tell him that the secondary is a big part of the team because of the losses they have had this offseason.

"I think I talked to Coach Haley three times yesterday. They just want to make sure that the deal is sealed with Jeremy. They're doing a great job with the recruits. I've noticed that the LSU staff is a lot more aggressive now than they have been in past years."

When talking about Cutrer, versatility is a word that often comes up. As Powell said, Cutrer has the ability to take on several roles on defense. However, Cutrer would love to contribute in any way that he can his first season, including special teams, one of his favorite aspects of football.

"The main thing is that he is a big special teams guy," said Powell. "He wants to get on the field early doing that at LSU. If he shows all of the coaches that he has the abilities to contribute early, I can definitely see him on the field.

"The coaches believe that as well. He can cover guys inside and outside. But, special teams is where he wants to get on the field first because he was always a great special teams guys here."

Being that Cutrer has kept to himself so well throughout the recruiting process, no one has really gotten an opportunity to know just how solid his commitment to LSU is. Powell explained that he has known Cutrer would attend LSU since the first day that he met him.

"I remember when I first came here when Jeremy was a freshman," said Powell. "I sat him down and asked him where he would like to play football. The only answer he gave me was LSU.

"He said he wanted to represent the state and he wants to play in front of family. He loves Coach [Les] Miles, but he would be a Tiger even if the current coaching staff weren't there. He visited a lot of schools, but LSU and Baton Rouge is where he wants to be."

Cutrer can't wait to report to LSU in June, but Powell explained there are still a few things to be done for Cutrer to qualify academically. Powell said that the LSU staff has been very encouraging throughout the process and they have plans in place for every situation that Cutrer may encounter.

"He is almost there," said Powell. "He is working very hard to get qualified. We got good news the other day. He just has a couple more things to do and he should fine. The main thing is that they have been encouraging him. All of the coaches have been in constant contact with him. They have plans for every situation for Jeremy."

Powell believes that the academic situation of Cutrer will become a bit clearer following his official visit to the LSU campus on January 25th.

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