Q & A: Johnny O'Bryant

After a tough 0-4 start to conference play, Johnny O'Bryant talks about how LSU moves forward. The sophomore forward also reflects on the season to date and updates his improving injury situation.

Ben Love: You look live you've been more explosive out there the last two games and have gotten some lift back. Does it feel like it to you?

Johnny O'Bryant: Definitely. Georgia was one of those games where my ankle felt a lot better. It didn't give me a lot of problems during the game. Shawn [Eddy, LSU's trainer] did a good job of treating it and taking care of me. It really didn't bother me that much.

BL: I know you don't like giving percentages, but does it feel noticeably better than it did this time a week ago?

JOB: Oh, no doubt. Definitely. It's getting better every day. I still feel it here and there, but I know it's just something I've got to play through. And I'm ready to do that.

BL: You and Anthony [Hickey] haven't had too many games this season where both of you have gone off on the offensive end and had big nights. Why do you think that is?

JOB: I don't really know. This season's been a rough ride. At the beginning of the season, or I guess right before the season started, everything was clicking. Then Anthony missed a bunch of games at the beginning, and I turn around and I miss a couple of games. After coming off last year, when me and Anthony had great chemistry playing and had the chance to play a lot together, we've jumped back into the mix this year and haven't really had the chance to play enough games together. I definitely think it will happen, though, as the season goes on.

BL: That was my next question. How do you expect that dynamic or situation to change now that both of you are playing more regularly?

JOB: It'll happen. I do a good job of keeping Anthony's confidence up, telling him to keep going and keep attacking, and he does a great job of doing the same thing with me, keeping my head up and telling me what I need to do better and what I need to work on. It'll definitely happen. We've just got to build off this time we've started to put in together now in the SEC.

BL: I know you said it's been a rough ride so far this season. But what's your outlook on the rest of the season and what do you think can happen?

JOB: Anything is possible. You never want to have a negative attitude about anything. I go into each game thinking we have a chance to win, no matter who the opponent is. We're getting ready for a Texas A&M team coming in here (on Wednesday), and we definitely have to go get this win.

BL: A week ago you and I talked about better attacking zone defenses. Do you still think it's showing you guys a lot of problems or is there better inside-out movement?

JOB: Everybody knows we kinda have difficulty with zones, but we're getting better at it. Coach is putting in more stuff for us, and we're practicing against it more often. Guys are starting to take their time and move the ball around better, and I think we're getting better at it as the season progresses.

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