Neal enjoys time with Miles

Lewis Neal had a chance to meet with three members of the LSU coaching staff this week. One of the topics discussed was what role he would be in as a freshman for the Tigers. What he heard has the talented pass-rusher excited for the future.

For defensive end Lewis Neal the recruiting process has been over for quite some time. The 6-2 240 pound Neal has made it very clear over the last few months how excited he is to report to LSU in June. Neal, from James Hunt High School (Wilson, NC), had a chance to welcome three LSU coaches into his home this week, including Les Miles. The recent meeting with the LSU staff further proved to Neal just how good of a fit he would be with the Tigers. It also meant a lot to Neal and his family that a certain trio of coaches showed up.

"It felt great because I wasn't expecting all of the coaches to be there," said Neal. "It meant a lot. Coach [Les] Miles, coach [Brick] Haley, and coach [John] Chavis had a great time with my family."

"I don't think coach Miles makes it over this way very often. It was a great visit and my family really enjoyed it. We talked about football and life a lot."

While they have always thought highly of the LSU coaching staff, Neal and his family learned a lot about Miles during the in-home visit. Neal explained that the coaching staff was one of the main reasons that he decided to commit to the Tigers.

"My parents think a lot of coach Miles," said Neal. "They know what kind of a coach he is and how much he cares about his players. He knows when to push you and when he needs to be there for you to lean on."

"He may yell at you, but at the same time he will be there to take care of you when the dust settles. That's why I want to play there."

One of the topics of discussion between the LSU staff and Neal consisted of what role he will play once he gets on campus. Neal explained that while the topic was being discussed, the excitement in the room began to grow.

Neal explained that the LSU staff plans to let him loose on the defensive line to get after the quarterback, something that Neal has loved to do since he began playing football.

"Coach Miles said I have a great opportunity to come in and play right away," said Neal. "He said if I come in and work then I'll be able to fill a spot on the line. He loves my quickness and he really wants to see me get after the quarterback in college. He got very excited when he was talking about all of this."

"He also told me that Coach Haley is the best in the business and he will get me ready for anything that the game will throw my way."

Before he can contribute at LSU, Neal believes that he needs to become a stronger football player. In order to achieve this, Neal has already started the workout process.

"I'm going to be working hard and training hard," said Neal. "I got everything taken care of in high school, so I can just focus on being ready for LSU. I work out four times a week and I'm just waiting on the LSU workout to come through so I can start getting ready for that."

It has been reported that Neal suffered a minor knee injury in recent weeks. While that is the case, Neal explained that it was nothing serious and he's already moved on from it.

"I'm going to be alright," said Neal. "Nothing serious happened to it. It was really just some swelling, but I'm good to go."

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