Lawson making the grades

Tevin Lawson has been one of several LSU commits rumored to be on the border of qualifying academically. Lawson knows this and has placed extra importance on his schoolwork to make sure he gets to LSU on time.

With his senior season and the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in the rearview mirror, Tevin Lawson has directed his full attention to the classroom.

Lawson earned a 3.0 GPA last semester and improved his overall grade on the ACT he took in December. Those all point to him being in better shape to qualify academically and enroll at LSU in the summer.

"I've been getting in trouble with the reading part [of the ACT], so I was focusing on that," Lawson said. I got a 21 on the reading part. Altogether I think I got a good enough score…Coach Miles said it was pretty good, so I'm making sure it's good enough. I've got another one scheduled in March in case I need to take it again."

His academics will be a point of emphasis for Lawson when he makes his official visit to campus this weekend. Because he's been LSU, which is less than an hour away from his home in Denham Springs, Lawson said he's already seen the ins and outs of the programs.

Now it's all about the education.

"I really want to talk to some people about what classes I need to take for what I want to major in. I know the campus pretty good right now, so that's the only thing I'm focusing on."

As for that major, Lawson has some ambitious goals for himself. He said wants to major in engineering, and hopes to determine which type of engineering on this upcoming visit.

"I really like all of them, so I'm going to have to think about," Lawson said. "This weekend, I want to see which classes I'd have to take for each one of them. But I'm liking chemical engineering right now. I'm looking more into it."

"I haven't talked to any football players that said they wanted to be engineers."

Though he's placed plenty of stress on his schoolwork, Lawson said he's also taking the time to focus on his fitness. Lawson has been working out with a trainer while he awaits his LSU workout from Tommy Moffit, which he will receive after National Signing Day.

"I'm getting back into the rhythm of working out, getting my technique right," Lawson said. "I'm trying to do some running, so I can be somewhat ready for the summer."

With only a couple weeks until Lawson can sign his name on that National Letter of Intent, he said he's looking forward to finally putting an end to this long recruiting process.

"I'm 100 percent with LSU," Lawson said. "There's no doubt about that. I'm just ready to sign and show them I'm looking forward to going to LSU and to work hard from there."

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