Young taking things slow

After adding new offers over the last several weeks, John Curtis linebacker Kenny Young is hoping that the recruiting process picks up steam in the near future. Young discusses that and which schools have recently ramped up their pursuit of him.

Kenny Young, of John Curtis Christian School, has seen his offer list grow over the last few weeks. Even with new offers coming in, the 6-2 225 pound Young explained that he believes the recruiting process hasn't really taken for him at this point. While Young is hoping the contact with college coaching staffs picks up soon, the class of 2014 linebacker understands that most schools are spending their time trying to wrap up their 2013 class.

"The recruiting process has been pretty slow still," said Young. "I have still been in contact with coaches and stuff, but it hasn't been a whole lot. I think most schools are trying to wrap up the 2013 class and I've just been going with the flow. I'm just waiting to see who offers next."

One school that recently presented Young with a scholarship offer is LSU. Not only is Young excited about receiving an offer from a school like LSU, but he also believes that the offer caused other schools to take notice.

"LSU is a big time school, so it is definitely a huge offer," said Young. "They helped me get attention from a lot of other schools when they offered me. A lot of other schools took notice after I got the offer from LSU. It was a positive for both us. Things are still the same for me with LSU."

Following the offer from the Bayou Bengals, Young explained that he has received a lot of mail from his home-state school. However, because he has been so busy in recent weeks, Young has not had a chance to speak with the staff over the phone. He plans to reach out to them in the near future.

"I'm always getting mail from them," said Young. "They are one of the main ones sending me a lot of mail right now. Since the offer, I haven't really contacted them or anything. I plan to in the near future because I've been busy recently."

With his high school squad having players like Terrence Alexander and Malachi Dupre with multiple college scholarship offers, Young explained that the topic of at least a couple of them playing together in college has come up.

However, Young said that he is unsure on whether the discussions will actually lead to him suiting up with his high school teammates at the next level.

"We talk about it, but it isn't really a specific college," said Young. "We just talk about what it would be like to play together and things like that. I want to play at the school that is best for me."

"I could see me and a high school teammate playing together at the next level, but it has to be the right situation because we all want to contribute early at the next level."

Aside from LSU being after Young, he explained that there are numerous new schools showing interest in him from coast to coast.

"Lately, UCLA, Florida State, Florida, Alabama, Notre Dame, and Texas Tech have all been showing me a lot of interest in recent weeks," said Young. "I think things with those schools will pick up a lot soon."

At this point in the process, Young is not sure of which college he will visit next, but he does have one school in mind.

"Not sure about camps yet, but I may attend one of the Alabama junior days. That is a big question mark though. I haven't really sat down and thought about which schools I want to visit in the near future."

One thing that Young is sure of is when he would like to have his college decision out of the way.

"Signing day is still my plan for my decision," said Young. "I think it will be a special moment for my family and I. I don't want to rush anything because I want to make the right choice and give everyone a chance. I really just want to experience everything with my family."

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