Coach's Corner: Kevin Spears and more

The road to being committed to LSU was an interesting one for Kevin Spears. His coach, Barry Wilson, discusses the recruitment of Spears and a young receiver that he expects to be highly recruited before leaving high school.

For Kevin Spears, the last month has been a whirlwind of events. The 6-4 195 pound Spears went from being a relatively unknown prospect to a player that saw his offer list grow, before making a commitment to Louisiana Tech. Shortly after giving his commitment to the Bulldogs, the three-star prospect received word from the staff at LSU that he had an offer on the table from the Tigers and a visit was set up. It didn't take long for Spears to switch his commitment to the Tigers, something he did while on his official visit to the school.

Holy Cross High School head coach Barry Wilson is not surprised how things ended up playing out for Spears. With Spears being relatively new to the game of football, Wilson explained that he is very advanced for someone that has only played one complete season on the gridiron.

"I think LSU is getting a great player," said Wilson. "He has only played one complete year of football. Because of basketball he didn't' want to play football. He is a fantastic athlete that can catch and run. He learns very rapidly and he has tremendous hands."

"Kevin is anxious to learn and he is excited about the future. I think they got a diamond in the rough because he's only 17 and he's already a big kid. I think he will grow a little more, too."

Regardless of Spears being new to football, Wilson believes that he has a real chance to get on the field as a freshman at LSU. Spears is already putting in work for when he gets to LSU because he has given up basketball. Wilson explained that Spears is a quick learner, which will make things easier for him once he gets to Baton Rouge.

"It would not surprise me to see him play next season," said Wilson. "I think he has a real shot at the x-spot because of his size and his speed. He is working on his route running right now. I think he will develop quickly in that area once he gets to LSU."

While there was minimal interest in Spears before, and even during his senior season, Wilson explained that interest immediately picked up following the regular season. LSU was one school that stopped by to inquire about Spears and Wilson explained that the LSU staff member had heard about Spears through the grape vine.

"Frank [Wilson] came by right before the playoffs," said Wilson. "He just said a bunch of coaches had been talking about someone named Kevin Spears. He was wondering why he hadn't heard about him. I told him the whole story about him not playing much football."

Wilson explained that it didn't take long for the talents of Spears to show up on the screen. He explained that Wilson was blown away just after the highlight tape had started.

"We watched his film for a couple of clips and Frank turned it off," said Wilson. "He said he had already seen enough. He thought Kevin was better than some of the guys that they had on their roster and he could play right now for them."

"Naturally, it all worked out. Frank just wanted to talk to Les [Miles] and the rest is history."

Wilson explained that following the interest from LSU, Spears had coaches from all over the country coming after him.

"He received a lot of offers once LSU started going after him," said Wilson. "Most schools said he was the best receiver they had seen this year. He just blocks so well and most people don't know that. If he gets a step, then he will score."

Even though Spears had just made a commitment to Louisiana Tech prior to receiving an offer from LSU, Wilson encouraged him to explore all of his options to ensure that he had made the correct decision.

"I encouraged him to take a look at LSU after he committed to Louisiana Tech," said Wilson. "He had never been there before and it all just excited him."

"He knew when he walked into Tiger Stadium at LSU. He just said it was awesome to him and he knew right away that was where he wanted to be."

Even though Spears was a great receiver in his short time of playing football at Holy Cross, Wilson explained that the future looks bright for the position on his squad. Wilson believes that both of his starting receivers will have interest in them pick up before next season, with one of them already garnering interest as a sophomore.

"Michael Chigbu is one that will be great," said Wilson. He is a sophomore and he is going to be great. LSU is already interested in him. He can really run and catch and he is just learning right now."

"He will take the spot that Kevin left vacant. He is going to be one that everyone will be after in a couple of years. He is an unbelievable athlete."

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