Smith prepped to make it official

Desean Smith has never wavered since he made his commitment to LSU in the summer of 2012. On Wednesday, his recruitment will finally come to an end when he signs his National Letter of Intent.

Desean Smith has been a member of LSU's 2013 class for seven months. On Wednesday, he'll finally make it official.

Smith, a four-star TE and the No. 9 prospect at his position, will sign his National Letter of Intent around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, officially making him an LSU Tiger. It's been a long time coming for Smith, and he's excited to finally put the recruiting process to an end.

"I'm about to sign over to not only four years, but sign to a school that's going to represent me, and I'm going to represent the school for the rest of my life," Smith said. "It's about to be official. This is it. I'm about to sign papers that officially put me at LSU, and make me an official member of the LSU football team. I'm definitely excited."

Smith's last trip to campus made him even hungrier for this moment. Smith took his official visit to LSU on Jan. 18, and the weekend brought to life all of the things he was looking forward to.

"It was great," Smith said. "I had a great time…It was definitely what I expected it to be. It was like family. Nothing's going to change. I'm definitely 100 percent to LSU. I really love it up there, and I feel comfortable."

Though National Signing Day brings an end to the recruiting process, it doesn't bring an end to the work. Smith has continued to prepare since his Barbe team fell one game short of a state championship.

Smith has maintained a strict regiment to help prepare him for what he's expecting at LSU.

"I'm going to keep working out like I'm doing right now," Smith said. "I'm going to work really hard, so I'm not behind when I get there. I'm going to be able to keep up with those guys that are playing right now and work hard for a starting spot."

Though Smith has garnered lots of praise for his ability on the field, he still acknowledges a major aspect of his game that needs improvement.

"I've been working on blocking," Smith said. "It definitely helped me at the U.S. Army Bowl was getting to go against really big defensive ends. It really helped me figure out what I have to do…I already have the ability to catch and get up the field, but mostly it's just blocking."

When Smith signs his name to that NLI on Wednesday, it will bring him one step closer to achieving his dream of playing at LSU. But the four months it will take until he finally sets foot on campus can't come soon enough.

"If I could be there right now," Smith said, "I definitely would."

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