Things are hectic for Brown

Ozen High School head coach Jeff Nelson discussed the recruitment of five-star Tony Brown today with TSD. Nelson explained that Brown has a top list of schools, one of which has something playing in it's favor.

For Tony Brown, the recruiting process took off a long time ago. The 6-1 185 pound Brown has been a hot commodity in the recruiting world since his sophomore year of high school, and things have only gotten crazier.

Brown, who was clocked at 4.34 seconds in the 40-yard dash, has collected offers from almost every major college football program. Ozen head coach Jeff Nelson explained that the recruiting process has gotten very hectic in recent weeks, with schools from coast to coast contacting the 2014 five-star cornerback.

"It's been pretty hectic for him," said Nelson. "Oklahoma, Alabama, and Stanford have been after him a lot in recent weeks. He's just had a lot of schools reaching out to him."

While Brown has heard from a lot of different schools in recent weeks, LSU is a school that Brown has been in contact with for a very long time. Nelson explained that LSU has made their presence known around the school in recent weeks.

"I think they have had a guy down here a couple times in the last month or so," said Nelson. "Adam Henry has been down a couple of times in recent weeks and another guy has been coming too. His name slips my mind though. They are definitely on top of things with Tony."

LSU has always been thought to be in good shape with Brown in the recruiting process. Coach Nelson explained that nothing has changed between LSU and Brown, with the Tigers holding strong in his top list of schools.

"As far as I know they are still in his top three or towards the top of his list of schools at this point," said Nelson. "He's high on Alabama, LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma. Those are all schools that he is really interested in at this point, or his top list."

With the junior day circuit coming up, Nelson explained that he isn't certain on which schools Brown will visit, as that is something that he and his mother are handling.

"I'm not exactly certain what his plans are," said Nelson. "He and his mom have been keeping a list of which ones they want to go to, but I'm not certain what his plans are."

Even though he isn't sure about where Brown will visit, Nelson explained that the LSU staff has something working in their favor.

Bealoved Brown, the sister of Tony, signed a track scholarship with LSU yesterday, something that Nelson explained makes the Tigers more attractive to the family.

"I know that his mom had an interest in them going to the same school," said Nelson. "I'm sure that is still the case. If it is a good fit for both of them, she would love to send them to the same place."

Nelson also added that he wasn't sure of when a decision would come from Brown, but he expects it to be during or shortly after the 2013 season.

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