2015 QB takes in LSU Junior Day

Chris Riddle made the long drive from Virginia to Louisiana to take in LSU's Junior Day on Saturday. It's still early in the process for him, but LSU has already started to impress the young quarterback.

It's still early in the recruiting process, but 2015 QB Chris Riddle made a special trip to check out LSU for Junior Day on Saturday.

Riddle said the interest from LSU had only started coming recently, but this visit gave him an opportunity to examine further one of his possible suitors. He said one of the highlights of the trip was getting to spend time with new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

"It was a long drive, but it was definitely worth it," Riddle said. "I got some one-on-one time with Coach Cameron, and I asked him if there were going to be any changes in the offense because of him. He said he's going to work his offense around whatever personnel he has. It was cool to get that time around him to get to know him better, and for him to get to know me."

The visit included tours of some of the facilities as well as an introduction to Louisiana cuisine, which served as a pretty strong selling point in itself for Riddle.

"I set pretty high expectations for LSU, and they definitely met those with their tradition," Riddle said. "Some of the former players were there and they said how even after they left, it never felt like they left. They come back every chance they can. They used the phrase, ‘It's not a four-year commitment, it's a forty-year commitment.'"

Riddle's talks with Cameron didn't progress far enough to discuss plans of a possible offer coming down the pipes, but Riddle said he enjoyed getting to talk shop with LSU's new OC.

"We didn't go that far, but we got to talk about whether he's going to change the offense at all," Riddle said.

Riddle has picked up interest at this point from Georgia, Notre Dame and Boston College. He broke down what he'll be looking for when he starts narrowing down his choices…

"The first thing would be what kind of offense they run," Riddle said. "I wouldn't be the best in an option-offense versus a pro-offense. I'd also look at the overall tradition of the program, what they do before games. LSU showed us that with what they do to get pumped up before the games…It also wouldn't hurt to have a pretty big offensive line."

Riddle has also taken visits to those three programs, though those trips were during games, making it hard to compare to his LSU trip.

"It's not necessarily fair to compare them," Riddle said. "But I got the feel from all of these how the coaches treat their players, and what they consider important. All the coaches have stressed how academics come first."

He said a return trip to Death Valley will definitely be in the works.

"My dad and I already talked about it," Riddle said. "We're going to keep in touch with the staff during the season to hopefully take an unofficial visit down there."

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