Coach's Corner: Andy Bauer

Coach Pat Mahoney spoke with TSD today regarding his star player, Andy Bauer, at De Smet High School in the St. Louis area. Mahoney breaks down what kind of a player Bauer is, as well as where his recruitment is headed in this week's Coach's Corner.

De Smet Jesuit High School lineman Andy Bauer has been experiencing the recruiting process since his freshman year of high school, when he received his first offer from Oregon. The 6-5 280 pound Bauer, from the St. Louis area, has seen his recruitment pick up drastically in recent months.

Coach Pat Mahoney of De Smet spoke with TSD regarding his star lineman. While it is obvious that Bauer is a big-time recruit, Mahoney explained that college coaches feel that Bauer is a prospect that already has the mentality and physicality to contribute early in college.

"He's aggressive with his play," said Mahoney. "As one coach said, he has never seen an offensive lineman finish every play and play hard every play like Andy does. Most schools are recruiting him as a guard or a center. He's right around 300 pounds and schools really like his athleticism."

While there are almost too many schools to count that have offered Bauer, Mahoney explained that it has become increasingly obvious who the schools are that covet his lineman the most.

"I think that LSU and Georgia got in late, but they are on him very hard," said Mahoney. "Alabama, Missouri, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and Florida State have been on him hard. Notre Dame has also been on him. A lot of those schools feel that their proximity will be attractive to him."

One school that is among the current leaders for Bauer is LSU, even though they were a little late to the process. Mahoney explained that there is serious interest from Bauer with LSU and it can be seen in the way he communicates with the LSU staff. There is only one negative factor with regards to LSU and Bauer.

"I haven't had a whole lot of interaction with LSU, but Andy is very aggressive in his own recruiting process," said Mahoney. "He will just pick the phone and call the coach [Greg] Studrawa from there to talk. I think it has really been on his part more because he is so interested."

"He loves the offensive line coach there and they have been on him very hard. The only downside of LSU is just the ease of access for his parents to get down there."

Mahoney believes that Bauer will base his final decision strictly on the football program, after academics were initially a major factor with him. Because of that, Bauer has been able to narrow things down to three or four schools at this point in the process, with none of them hailing from the state of Missouri.

"Right now, I would say Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss are his top three, with Florida State in there as well," said Mahoney. "I'd say he is leaning more towards Alabama and Ole Miss, but neither one of those are very close to home either. I think there are some unsettling things about the in-state schools that could prevent him from going there."

Mahoney also added that a visit to one school in his top three could bring all schools to even standing for Bauer.

"I think LSU will be there all along and until the very end," said Mahoney. "A good visit to LSU could easily change things with regards to where he is leaning."

One factor that is working in the favor of LSU is the fact that a close friend of Bauer is already on campus. Bauer has regular contact with 2013 signee Ethan Pocic, who reported to campus early. Mahoney explained that discussions with Pocic about LSU would likely influence a decision by Bauer.

"I think that it could have a bearing on his decision," said Mahoney. "Just because he talks to him and he knows what is going on in the program. Things like that are very important to Andy."

With regards to upcoming visits, Mahoney said that he isn't sure when Bauer will visit another school, but he already has two in mind that he would like to check out in the coming months.

"I know he had talked about going to LSU and to Texas A&M," said Mahoney. "I would lean towards him taking a visit to LSU during the summer months."

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