LSU offense excites Hill

Following a 2012 season in which the LSU offense showed only a few flashes of brilliance, Jeremy Hill provides a sneak peak of what it could look like in 2013 under new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

When LSU took the field for their first spring practice of 2013, there were a lot of questions to be answered. Even though there is only one practice in the books so far, it has become apparent that things will be run differently under new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Jeremy Hill had an opportunity to go through his first practice under Cameron on Thursday. It has already occurred to the 6-2 235 pound Hill that things are changing quickly for the LSU offense.

"We don't have many plays in right now, but it just felt good to be back out there and going through things," said Hill. "We did some new drills today and Coach Cam did some things that we really liked."

Hill explained that the way practice was run yesterday is different than how things have been in the past.

"Practice was a lot of up tempo with everything under control," said Hill. "It looks like chaos out there, but it's organized chaos. We're just making sure everyone knows their assignments."

One aspect of the offense that really stands out to Hill is the trust that is being put in Cameron by both the players and Les Miles.

"The fact that we trust him is good for everybody because it takes a lot of pressure off of us if we trust him," said Hill. "Coach Miles puts full trust in him and we are confident that he will allow our offense to perform the way we know that it can."

While the LSU offense showed flashes of brilliance in 2012, Hill believes that it will be hard to hinder the Tigers in 2013. Hill explained that the LSU offense will still retain the identity of a running team, but the passing game will open things up quickly for them.

"It's a lot more open," said Hill, when asked about the offense in 2013. "Last year, we got kind of predictable on some downs because we were inconsistent. We are still going to be a hardnosed smash mouth football team, but our passing game is going to be a lot better this season."

Hill is also excited about the fact that players on offense will have to be ready for any role on the team at any time next season.

"Our offense is wide open and everyone will move around everywhere," said Hill. "I may line up at receiver on occasion. It just depends on who is out there. It's an offense that caters to what we have and will reward you if you get hot."

With the lack of production from LSU in 2012, Hill explained that the team, and specifically the offense, is prepared to prove any doubters wrong early in the season.

"I think we can score a lot of points this season," said Hill. "As an offense, we are really looking forward to proving ourselves and showing everyone what we are capable of. We will be able to do that this season."

One of the biggest question marks surrounding the 2013 LSU Tigers is how their defense will respond with a lot of new faces in the starting lineup. Hill explained that the offense would be ready to perform at a high level to take pressure off of the young defense. However, Hill believes that the 2013 LSU defense has a chance to be very good.

"I think we can take pressure off of them, but I think our defense will be just fine," said Hill. "I watched those guys a little bit today and they're good. They are really fast and it kind of surprised us a little bit today how much they were flying around to the ball and everything."

LSU had numerous new faces on the practice field for the first day of spring. One player in particular stood out to Hill in terms of his performance on the field.

"John Diarse had a great day today," said Hill. "He looked really good out there and proved he can be a reliable receiver."

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