LSU the only one for Upchurch

The recruiting process was surprisingly quiet for four-star WR Tony Upchurch. But that didn't faze him, as he was more than happy to commit to LSU, the only school that extended him a scholarship offer.

Tony Upchurch only received one scholarship offer, but for the four-star WR, that was all he needed.

Upchurch stuck with the only school to show serious interest and committed to LSU on Friday afternoon. Upchurch made a trip to Baton Rouge to observe LSU's spring practice, and made his pledge to the coaches after workouts wrapped up.

Upchurch became the seventh member of LSU's 2014 class, the third from Texas and the first WR.

"It feels great," Upchurch said. "It's a relief that I picked a school that I really wanted. I don't have to worry about any of those other schools that I didn't really care for. It's a blessing that LSU wanted me."

Upchurch came into the visit considering a commitment, and once he had the opportunity to take everything in, he couldn't wait to make his pledge. He met with Les Miles on the practice field and made his commitment right there.

"He was just excited," Upchurch said. "He said he was happy, and told me ‘You're a Tiger now.' … Coach Miles said that I'm going to be a big part of the team because of the ability I have. "

Upchurch spent most of the practice observing the wide receivers, and observed how new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron ran practice. Cameron has installed an offense that appears more streamlined and efficient, something Upchurch noticed.

"They showed me a lot of things," Upchurch said. "I'm familiar with the offense. They run bunch [formations] and spread it out a little bit. I'm familiar with that and it was looking good…It seems like it's easy to pick up on. I won't have trouble coming in and learning everything. I feel good about that."

The visit marked Upchurch's first time on campus, and aside from taking in a practice, he received the full rundown about what the LSU program has to offer. The trip only served to reinforce all the positive feelings he had about LSU.

"It was magnificent," Upchurch said. "Words can't even explain it. They showed me a lot of things and broke everything down, as in the academics and facilities. It was just unbelievable. I just couldn't pass it up."

At 6-foot-1, 221 pounds, Upchurch plays incredibly physical against defenders. He plays taller than his height, and has great control of his body in the air. He said over the spring and summer, he hopes to get even more physical.

"I want to get stronger and hit the weight room," Upchurch said. "I want to hit some LSU camps. But the main thing I want to work on is getting stronger."

Many have considered Upchurch one of LSU's better-kept secrets on the recruiting trail. After his commitment though, schools are undoubtedly going to come calling, but Upchurch won't waver in his pledge to the Tigers.

"It's a relationship deal," Upchurch said. "Once you commit, you're committed. If other schools try to call me, I'll turn them down. I'm already committed. I'm not going to move around. That's how it's going to go."

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