Receivers have seen new Mettenberger

Following an inconsistent 2012 season, receivers Kadron Boone and Jarvis Landry head into 2013 expecting big things out of LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger. What they have seen out of the leader of the LSU offense so far this spring is more than enough to be optimistic about.

With the first four spring practices out of the way for the LSU Tigers, there is already confidence building in multiple areas of the offense. One area that most Tiger fans are hoping will be improved in 2013 is the play at the quarterback position. In 2012, Zach Mettenberger threw for 2,609 yards with 12 touchdowns and seven interceptions, while only showing flashes of brilliance throughout the season. Even though his play was inconsistent, the wide receivers never lost faith in the 2-5 230 pound Mettenberger.

With spring practice well underway in 2013, the receivers have seen a different Mettenberger so far. Senior Kadron Boone believes that last year was a good learning experience for Mettenberger. The 6-0 207 pound Boone also feels as though it will translate into a better year for Mettenberger in 2013.

"A lot of people don't realize that last year was his first year of real playing time in a big college football atmosphere," Boone told TSD. "For any quarterback to come and start in the SEC, it's going to be tough."

"I think he handled it pretty well last year. This year, he knows what to expect. He's really ready to make up for last year this season."

Junior Jarvis Landry shares many of the same beliefs with Boone when it comes to Mettenberger. For Landry, the progression that he has seen from Mettenberger is exciting and should allow him to improve on his 2012 season in which he caught 56 passes for 573 yards and five touchdowns.

"He's coming along and trying to be a leader for us," said Landry. "He is doing a lot of the same things this year that he started doing at the end of last year. I look forward to seeing how he is going to handle things this season."

"He's getting a lot more reps and he knows what it was like to be thrown into the fire a year ago. He's ready for a big year."

When asked what his biggest responsibility for 2013 will be, the answer was an easy one for Mettenberger.

"I've had to mature a lot since I arrived here," said Mettenberger. "It all started over when Coach [Cam] Cameron came in and he expects a lot out of me. I have to step up this year and I think I have already done a good job of that so far this spring."

Because they spent so much time together at LSU fighting for positions, Boone feels as though he has a very strong relationship with Mettenberger, something that he explained is a necessity for any successful offense.

"We used to work together and both push for starting jobs," said Boone. "It helped us get a good feel for each other and it definitely strengthened our relationship. We have to have a good relationship with our quarterback. We are very lucky here that all of us have a good relationship with Zach."

Although Mettenberger was inconsistent in 2012, the wide receivers struggled in the early parts of the season with pulling down passes. Boone explained that consistency is what the coaching staff expects out of them this season.

"We just want to be consistent," said Boone. "With everyone that we have coming back, there is no reason that we should start slow this year. We have to be consistent every day."

If there is consistency in the passing game, Boone believes that LSU fans will get to see an offense that will air it out pretty frequently, something Boone full expects to happen.

"As long as we execute, the passing game will be vastly improved," said Boone. "We have to get all of our assignments down. If we can do that, we will throw the ball a lot. We have to prove that we can be an efficient aspect of the offense this year, and I think we will."

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