Monday Practice Videos and Reports

Week Three of LSU spring practice is underway, with the defense showing a new look and Les Miles continuing to work with the offensive linemen. TSD also has HD video included.

Monday afternoon marked the beginning of the third week on the practice field for the LSU football team this spring.

Players were in helmets, shoulder pads and girdles for the work-out, which saw a wrinkle from John Chavis' defense and more of the same from Les Miles and the offensive line.

TSD subscribers can get all the inside information from today's practice, including an offensive report from Hunter Paniagua and a defensive report from Austin Cooper. Hunter also has a recruiting-based update on 2015 OL prospect Jerry Tillery.

Monday Offense Report

Monday Defense Report

Monday Recruiting Update


And here are TSD's three HD videos from today's practice.

The initial video will let you see firsthand how Les Miles interacts with the O-Line. It will probably be difficult to hear him, with the wind and distance, but he's definitely hands-on in his teaching approach.

The second two videos show the wide receivers running quick slants and hitches for the quarterbacks.

Video 1: Miles with O-Line
URL link:

Video 2: QBs to WRs, quick slants
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Video 3: QBs to WRs, quick hitches
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