DeHart taking everything in

LSU signee Jarret DeHart was one of the first commitments of the class of 2013 for the Tigers. DeHart breaks down how his senior year at Shawnee High School is going as well as how things are with LSU. The talented outfielder also discussed where things stand with his draft position at this point.

When Jarret DeHart signed with LSU in November to play baseball for the Tigers, it was a dream come true. DeHart will be following in the footsteps of his cousin, Brett Laxton, who starred for the Tigers from 1993 -1996. Laxton was also named NCAA Freshman of the Year in 1993 and was part of two National Championship teams with LSU. For DeHart, that is the type of college career that he hopes to have.

DeHart, who stands at 6-2 205 pounds, was quite a pull for LSU coach Paul Mainieri out of Medford, NJ. DeHart was also one of the first commitments for LSU's 2013 recruiting class. Because of this, the power hitting lefty now has the opportunity to focus all of his attention on his senior season at Shawnee High School.

"This season is going great so far," DeHart told TSD. "Our team just got back from Disney for a tournament. We went 3-1 down there and we just ran out of pitching a little bit."

"I've been doing well. I'm 4-9 with two doubles and two triples. It's tough when I'm getting pitched around a lot, but its' been good."

Even though he has already signed with LSU, Dehart still maintains regular contact with the Tiger coaching staff. The conversations have gotten more routine, but DeHart still likes what he is hearing from them about his potential.

"I've been speaking with them a lot and they have been checking on how I'm doing," said DeHart. They have made it clear to me that they are going to make me a better player once I get there. It has been exciting for sure."

From the conversations that he has had with the LSU coaches, DeHart believes that it is still a bit unclear as to where he will play once he suits up for the Tigers. He explained that he could play a couple of different positions, but LSU is prepared to play him somewhere new just to have his bat in the lineup early on in his college career.

"I'll play primarily outfield and I could play first base," said DeHart. "They told me that they could teach me a position because they want my bat in the lineup. I'll be able to come in and compete for a spot, but I know nothing is guaranteed because it's LSU and they are a great program."

One thing about LSU that has caught the attention of DeHart in recent weeks is the tear that the Tigers have been on in 2013. LSU has compiled a 29-2 record so far to achieve the best start in school history. DeHart explained that it only backs up his reasoning for signing with the Tigers.

"It's incredible," said DeHart. "Those guys are playing about as good as you can play. It's the best start in school history. I'm really happy to see that because I want to play for a team like that."

One area of concern for LSU fans is the possibility that DeHart may not ever make it to Baton Rouge because of the Major League Baseball draft that takes place in June. At this point, Dehart explained that he has been in contact with numerous scouts, but hasn't given the situation much thought.

"I've been in contact with pretty much every team," said DeHart. "I'm just listening to what everyone has to say. I'm just waiting it all out until June."

"I don't read into projections too much because I still have a whole spring of baseball to play. Everything will work itself out and I'll focus on that later on."

In his conversations with the professional scouts, DeHart has been told that there is a range of rounds that he could be picked in, something that he is hesitant to believe at this point. He understands that things could change drastically before June rolls around, so he is just keeping his focus on his development and reporting to LSU.

"When I've talked to scouts, they have told me a lot of different things about where I might go," said DeHart. "I try not to pay attention to it, because it could change from day to day."

"There are several teams that are very interested in me and they have had good things to say. Right now I'm focused on getting to LSU and becoming a better player."

If he were to get drafted high enough and the money was right, there is always the possibility that DeHart may never make it to LSU. While that may be the case, DeHart understands the opportunity that he has at LSU.

In terms of what it would take for him to pass up college, DeHart explained that he has yet to have that conversation with those close to him. However, the talented prospect said it would take quite a splash to keep him from being at LSU in the fall.

"Playing at a school like LSU is an incredible opportunity. I'm very blessed and lucky to have that opportunity. It's been my goal to play pro ball, but I haven't even discussed with my family what kind of money it would take for me to pass up on LSU."

"I'm just trying to let everything play itself out and not think about it too much, but it would take a lot."

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