TSD TV: O'Bryant discusses decision

Johnny O'Bryant gave the Tigers' chances for 2013-14 a big shot in the arm Tuesday when he announced he'll return for his junior season. The LSU big man shares his outlook with TSD. Included are HD video and a full interview transcript.

In a move that surprised many, Johnny O'Bryant announced Tuesday afternoon that he'll return for his junior season at LSU.

The power forward will be a key cog on an improving Tiger team that will feature three highly recruited freshmen and JuCo transfer John Odo, slated to be the team's starting center.

Click on the link below to watch O'Bryant talk about his decision to forego a professional career and what his return means to the team and specifically incoming freshman post player Jarell Martin.

Publisher's Note: Also, scroll below the video for a transcript of my video interview with O'Bryant.

VIDEO URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEMspdG6j4A


Ben Love: We're with Johnny O'Bryant, who made the decision to return for his junior season. Johnny, what went into that decision?

Johnny O'Bryant: You know, I got my feedback. You know, it was very positive. Like I said, me and my mom sat down and we actually thought about it. I thought about making the jump, but we just really sat down and talked to Coach Jones. We just made a great decision for my family. If I come back and continue to work this summer, with the team that I'll have around me, I can become a better player and the results will be the best.

Ben Love: The team, you mentioned, is going to be better. What can you guys do next year, and how does that help everybody, you and the team, collectively?

Johnny O'Bryant: Guys are going to take us more serious on the court. We are going to be better players. We are going to be on a big platform where the guys just have to perform.

Ben Love: How can the newcomers help you and the team to be better and bigger inside?

Johnny O'Bryant: You take Jarrell Martin and you can do a bunch of different things. He is a great ballplayer. I watched him play in the McDonald's Game. He is very athletic and can do a bunch of things. You take a guy like [Jordan] Mickey, who can do a bunch of things also. He can run the floor and block shots. He has length. You take two guys like that and put them in press situations like a pick and roll or a pick and pop, whatever, they are definitely going to shine. You add that with me, who will be coming back a better player, we will definitely have a great front court.

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