TSD TV: Jeremy Hill

LSU's lead back this spring talks about the offense taking off under Cam Cameron and becoming more unpredictable. Hill also discusses the added responsibilities the running backs are assuming.

Click on the link below to view my interview with LSU sophomore running back Jeremy Hill, who talks about the offense's transformation this spring and what the arrival of Cam Cameron means for the Tigers' running backs.

And scroll down to below the video for a full transcript of the interview.

VIDEO: Jeremy Hill talks spring practice
Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clb5NStP770


Ben Love: How was the first practice back from spring break?

Jeremy Hill: It was good just to get back into the rhythm of things. We got to get some tempo in and be with the fellas again. So it was good. I'm glad to get back and hopefully we can improve on today's practice moving forward.

BL: The tempo you guys are running on offense. How is it different from last year and what does it do for you?

JH: It's a lot faster. We're trying to get a lot more plays in in a shorter amount of time. Just more crisp. We're paying attention to the little things, getting good on the little things, and it'll come together and we'll execute better as an offense.

BL: I saw you guys running some triple option out of that Pistol (formation) today. Talk about just the new looks, new wrinkles you can add and how it makes you guys more dangerous?

JH: Yeah, it's like we've been saying all spring -- it's an open offense. We're going to try to keep the defense on its heels. Last year we kinda were predictable on some downs. This year we're going to do a lot of different things from a lot of different formations to keep the defense on its heels and be more unpredictable.

BL: What's the biggest difference between being a running back in last year's offense and now in Cam Cameron's offense?

JH: This year there's a lot more on your shoulders, a lot more on your plate. You've got to learn and know a lot more things. You've just got to pay more attention to details. There are a lot more routes. Just a lot of simple things and over time we'll get used to it, but it's just more paying attention to small things.

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