TSD TV: Jerald Hawkins

TSD's Ben Love caught up with offensive tackle Jerald Hawkins to take the pulse of the line and see how Hawkins is coming on after taking a lot of reps with the first team this spring.

Click on the link below for my video interview with LSU offensive tackle Jerald Hawkins. The rising redshirt freshman is catching the eye of many around Tiger football and is getting ready for the 2013 season.

Scroll below the video for a full transcript of the conversation between myself and Hawkins.

VIDEO: Jerald Hawkins talks spring practice
Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVRewqhSuwg


Ben Love: This is your first spring to kinda work in at the two-deep and you even spent some time as the starting right tackle with Vadal Alexander out. What's the experience been like?

Jerald Hawkins: It's been great. It's been everything I dreamed of really. I'm just trying to taking it day by day and see what I can do.

BL: What are the biggest things you had to work on this spring that you think you've accomplished?

JH: The biggest thing I believe I had to work on was staying low. Staying low and my footwork. That's been going good. I've been working on everything, and it's coming through.

BL: I understand the coaches see you as somebody who could play either on the left or the right side at tackle. Is there any difference between them?

JH: To tell you the truth the only difference is the stance. It's really natural. (Otherwise) all you've got to do is know your plays and handle your business.

BL: What's it like playing on the right side next to Trai Turner? Have you guys built some camaraderie?

JH: Oh, it's great with Trai Turner. I look at him as like my mentor. He gets me right every time I feel I like I'm down or I mess up a play. He pushes me and tells me 'Come on, you can handle it.'

BL: Who are the vocal guys on the line that maybe help put you guys in your sets and do the communication things needed out there.?

JH: The vocal guys would have to be La'el Collins, Trai Turner and Josh Williford.

BL: As a young guy, you mentioned Trai Turner as one of the people who is like your mentor. Do you feel like if you're thrown out there this year, you're ready to roll?

JH: I feel like I'm getting there. I still take it day by day and try not to take it too fast. But I will be ready.

BL: We've noticed Coach Les Miles is out there with you guys a lot more this spring with the line. What's that been like? It's looked pretty intense.

JH: Oh yeah, Coach Miles is great. He's a former offensive line player, so he knows what he's talking about. I just take his advice to heart.

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