Tigers reach into California for Bugg

For Parker Bugg, the decision to commit to LSU was a no-brainer. Bugg spoke with TSD's Austin Cooper regarding what factored into his college decision and where he stands with the draft process.

The 2013 recruiting class for LSU Baseball includes players from all over the country. Parker Bugg is one of the signees that doesn't hale from the southeast region of the country. The 6-6 200 pound Bugg is a standout right-handed pitcher from Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, Ca.

Since he has already signed with the Tigers, Bugg has used his time to focus on his senior season. His final year of high school baseball has been a successful one so far. However, Bugg isn't yet satisfied with what he has done, as he continues to improve himself as a player to make a run in the state playoffs.

"We're off to a pretty good start," Bugg told TSD. "We're 13-3 right now and we just started league play. I've started pretty well and I'm 4-1 with a 1.09 ERA. I'm working on a few mechanical things and just trying to get ready for the playoffs."

For Bugg, there has always been an interest in playing for LSU. The winning tradition of the program is what initially caught the eye of the dominant righty.

"One of the main reasons that I was so interested in them is the fact that they are always in a great position to get to the College World Series," said Bugg. "They also win it and that is something that I have always wanted to do."

When he visited LSU before making a final decision, Bugg saw something that he hadn't seen anywhere else in the country.

"The stadium is incredible," said Bugg. "It was a big wow factor. I never expected any college program to have such a great atmosphere and great fans. The campus seemed like everyone loved to be in school there and it really gave me a good feeling."

Bugg explained that he chose LSU over schools such as Oregon, Louisville, Stanford, Arizona, UCLA, and Florida State. Once he visited the campus, Bugg knew that none of the other schools on his list could top the opportunity that he saw at LSU.

"When I was there, I was pretty sure that LSU was where I wanted to go," said Bugg. "I knew nothing could top it. It was just a matter of making everything work, so it was a no brainer from that point on."

With his commitment now out of the way, the conversations that Bugg has with the LSU coaching staff have become much more routine. Not only does he email them weekly to let them know about how his season is going, but the coaching staff also contacts Bugg on a regular basis.

"I give them weekly updates on my outings and how I do," said Bugg. "They call every couple of weeks to check in to see how everything with me is going. They also update me on their program. I talk to them pretty frequently."

One of the topics of discussion between Bugg and the LSU staff in recent weeks has been the success of the Tigers in 2013. Bugg has been able to see most of the 2013 season unfold for LSU and it's something that has him excited about next season.

"It's really exciting," said Bugg. "I love watching them play and I try to watch as many games online as I can. I love the fact that I will have a chance to do that next year. It has been fun to watch them."

Bugg has also had a chance to discuss what his future in Baton Rouge looks like with the LSU staff. While the picture still isn't very clear, Bugg has his mind set on making an impact in any way that he can.

"They haven't really said where they see me," said Bugg. "When I was there they made it a point to tell me that everyone earns their role. Anything that I can do to help to them win is fine by me, no matter what that role is."

When it comes to the draft, there has not been a lot of information for Bugg to attempt to figure out where he may be picked. Even though he is still uncertain about draft position, he has an idea of what the scouts like in him.

"I'd like to have an idea of where I would go, but I don't really know at this point," said Bugg. "They all like my size and body style because I'm 6-6. They use the word projectable a lot and they see that I have a lot of potential. It's probably the same thing that Coach [Alan] Dunn noticed."

Bugg has yet to have a discussion with his family about the scenarios that could play out in the next several months. While he didn't rule out the possibility of playing professional baseball, Bugg explained that it would take something pretty special for him to pass on the opportunity that waits at LSU.

"I still haven't really sat down and talked about it with my parents," said Bugg. "It may have some impact on me, but it will take a lot for me to not go to LSU."

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