Zardon weighing his options

For Danny Zardon, the decision to sign with LSU to play baseball was an easy one. With the recent success that he has seen from his future team, Zardon has realized that he couldn't have picked a better place to play college baseball.

LSU Baseball has hit the state of Florida hard on the recruiting front for the class of 2013. The Tigers have signed high-profile players from the state such as Nick Longhi and Dakota Dean, along with yet another standout. American Heritage School standout third baseman Danny Zardon has also signed with the Tigers for the current recruiting cycle. For the 6-0 185 pound Zardon, the recruiting process got old very quickly, one reason why he made the decision to sign with LSU during the early signing period in November.

"I tried to tune all of the recruiting stuff out during the process," Zardon told TSD. "I wanted to get it out of the way early so that I could enjoy playing baseball and not have to try to impress people every game."

Now that his college decision is out of the way, Zardon has had a chance to focus on his senior season in Pembroke Pines, Fl. Just based off of his statistics so far in 2013, it is obvious that the focus is there for Zardon.

"I'd say I'm doing very well," said Zardon. "Right now I'm hitting .508 and I have 20 RBI's with four homeruns and eight doubles. It's going really well."

Zardon has also had a chance to do a little self-evaluation so far this spring. In his mind, he now has a pretty good idea of what kind of player LSU is getting in him.

"Personally I think I am very good defensively," said Zardon. "I consider myself a pretty solid hitter. I'm more well rounded as a baseball player. Everything is pretty even with me. I'm a guy that will drive the ball, but I'm not necessarily a power hitter."

When he was still going through the recruiting process, it didn't take Zardon very long to realize that LSU was where he wanted to be. Aside from the baseball aspect, LSU had numerous other characteristics that caught the attention of Zardon and eventually led to him choosing the Tigers over Miami.

"When choosing LSU they showed me the most interest and really proved to me that they wanted me," said Zardon. "They have very high standards and the atmosphere is great. That was very intriguing to me and it wasn't just about the baseball aspect, but all sports at the school. I just didn't see that at the other schools that I visited."

The contact he has maintained with the LSU coaching staff has been consistent since he faxed his paperwork through in November. Zardon explained that the relationships that he has formed with his future coaches continue to grow and were an integral part in his final college decision.

"I talk to coach Mainieri every so often, but they know me very well," said Zardon. "We are very comfortable around each other so that certainly made the choice a lot easier."

"The relationships with the coaches were a big part of my decision. Just the way they went about talking to me was very professional. It was very captivating and made me really want to be there."

Like most other recruits, the recent tear that LSU has been on through their 2013 schedule has caught the attention of Zardon. Not only is it exciting for Zardon to watch his future school achieve success, but it also helped in making it known that he made the right decision.

"It's been great to watch it all unfold," said Zardon. "Knowing that they go out there and take care of business is very exciting for me. It just shows where the program is at and helps to back up my decision."

With regards to the draft process, things are in full swing for Zardon. His slate so far this spring has been filled with private workouts and meetings with scouts. From what he has heard from the professional organizations so far, his future is at a position different than what he is used to playing.

"I've gone to workouts for the Cardinals, Mets, and the Pirates," said Zardon. "I've had one in-house visit with the Mariners. I've met with a few teams at my school, probably around five or six. I know that most of them prefer me at second base rather than third. They think I have a lot of potential there."

The situation of whether or not Zardon will end up in Baton Rouge when the fall rolls around is still a little bit murky. While he wouldn't rule out the possibility of signing with a professional organization, Zardon believes that attending college would be very positive for him in terms of developing as a player.

"It just all depends on what situation I get put in," said Zardon. "The money and where I go will play a big part. I'm not just going to go anywhere. I'm set to go to a great school and I know I could really improve my play by going to school because I'm so young still. I don't really know where things stand right now."

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