Scivicque fulfilling dream

Coming from a small school in Louisiana, Kade Scivicque has always dreamed of playing baseball for LSU. While his path to the school may not have been traveled as soon as he would have liked, Scivicque will be a member of the team when next season rolls around.

When Southwest Mississippi Community College catcher Kade Scivicque signed with LSU in November, it seemed as though all of his hard work had paid off. Even though he now attends college in Mississippi, the 5-11 210 pound Scivicque is a native of Maurepas, La. Following a standout career at Class C Maurepas High School, Scivicque took his talents to junior college with the hopes of gaining more exposure in order to play major college baseball. In his mind, everything is unfolding just the way he had hoped for and the decision to sign with LSU was an easy one.

"It was kind of like a dream come true for me," Scivicque told TSD. "I come from a very small school, so people have always told me that I didn't have a chance to play at a school like LSU. Committing to them just made it all happen for me. It's a dream."

"I always wanted to play for LSU because I grew up around the school and going to games. They are a great team. They do great things, especially right now."

While there were other schools involved in his recruitment, Scivicque explained that he never seriously considered any of them besides LSU.

"I had offers from UNO and UL-Monroe before this year," said Scivicque. "There were some other schools, but LSU was it for me."

With the season that LSU is having in 2013, the excitement level for Scivicque has increased significantly knowing that he will get to be a part of it in a few short months.

"It's just a great honor to think about where the program is right now," said Scivicque. "It makes me work harder and want to compete with the best. They are the best and I'll get to compete with them very soon."

The relationships that Scivicque has built with the LSU coaching staff are still relatively new. Part of the reason for that is because Scivicque began talking with LSU later in the process than he had with other schools.

"I'm met them over the summer when I played a tournament at Alex Box," said Scivicque. "I had talked to Will Davis several times before. Before that, I wasn't really close with the other coaches, but I am now after my signing and everything."

Following his commitment, the contact Scivicque has had with the LSU staff has been much more consistent, with both sides giving out updates on a regular basis.

"I email them constantly and I keep in touch about how things are going," said Scivicque. "I want to try to see how they are doing, while they are checking to see how things are for me."

Even though the discussions between Scivicque and the LSU staff have gotten more routine, the topics they discuss have gotten much more specific. One of the main things that is typically discussed between the two parties is what is expected out of Scivicque once he is on campus in Baton Rouge.

"They just told me to come in ready to go and ready to catch," said Scivicque. "They said I would catch, but that I may also get to pitch. They have told me that there will be a couple of us working for the position and they expect hard work out of me."

The LSU coaching staff has also made it clear to Scivicque that the current LSU starting cather, Ty Ross, may not be around after the 2013 season as a result of the Major League Baseball Draft.

"They said that it might be a possibility because Ross has been doing so well," said Scivicque. "They told me that he is the best catcher in the conference and they think he may be gone after this year."

The fact that there may be an opening at the catcher position after 2013 certainly caught the attention of Scivicque early on. He even went as far as to say that it factored into his final college decision.

"It played into it a little bit because I only have a couple of years left to play," said Scivicque. "I didn't want to sit behind someone for a year and then only have one year to play because Ross is so talented."

With the draft approaching, Scivicque explained that things have been somewhat quiet in terms of scouts contacting him. The uncertainty surrounding his draft position, or if he will even get drafted, has Scivicque only looking forward to being in an LSU uniform.

"I have received some letters from some organizations," said Scivicque. "They have come to see me play, but I haven't really spoken with anyone in particular about it. I don't know what the chances of getting drafted this year are."

"I definitely think I will be there in the fall. It has been a dream of mine to go to LSU, so I'm just trying to fulfill that dream right now."

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