Distance not a factor for Alexander

With 19 offers already in hand, 2014 CB Terrence Alexander is preparing for a summer that will be filled with campus visits. Alexander breaks down which schools that he plans to visit and whether or not distance from home will be a factor in his final decision.

For John Curtis Christian cornerback Terrence Alexander, 2013 has seen his recruitment pick up serious steam, resulting in him collecting 19 offers. The 5-10 175 pound Alexander recently added an offer from Northwestern and has started to pick up serious interest from some big time programs.

"It's going really well," said Alexander. "My last offer I picked up was Northwestern. I have 19 offers right now. The latest school that I have been talking to is Florida."

With so many options on the table for him, Alexander doesn't currently have a top list of schools. However, Alexander does have several schools that he feels are coming after him the hardest at this point.

"Right now I don't have any top schools," said Alexander. "Schools that stay with me the most are Ole Miss, Stanford, Arkansas, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Indiana, and Mississippi State. I talk to a lot of those coaches on the phone and over social media, but I've also been getting a lot of mail from them."

Hailing from Louisiana, one would expect that Alexander would have generated interest from LSU. While he still receives correspondence from the Tigers, discussions over the phone have not taken place in quite some time.

"I haven't heard anything from LSU recently," said Alexander. "I get mail and stuff from them, but I haven't talked to them in a while."

Alexander is preparing for college visits that he will be taking over the summer. Having already been to Texas A&M and LSU, Alexander would like to travel a little further in the future to check out some of the schools that have offered him.

"The only visits I took this spring were Texas A&M and LSU," said Alexander. "I will be going to Stanford for sure this summer. I want to go to Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Georgia Tech. I'd like to visit some other schools as well. Northwestern would be one that I will try to visit."

With offers from several prestigious schools already in hand, Alexander is focused on getting his ACT score up slightly in order to gain full qualification status to those schools. One school in particular is very anxious to see the most recent test scores for Alexander.

"I'm pretty much qualified for all of the schools," said Alexander. "Stanford wants to check on my academics pretty soon because I just took the ACT on Saturday for the second time. I'm hoping for a 23 or a 24 because my GPA is good."

One thing that won't be a factor for Alexander when choosing a school is distance from home. With the encouragement of his parents, Alexander is prepared to go anywhere in the country for college.

A school like Stanford fits what Alexander is looking for in the recruiting process and he understands that more than just football should factor into his decision.

"It won't be a factor," said Alexander. "Stanford is a little bit of distance, but my parents have always told me that I have a chance to go experience some new things. They also know the education that I would be getting out there and how valuable it would be later on in life."

In terms of when a decision might come, Alexander hopes to have his mind made up before the end of his senior season, with a narrowed list coming around the end of the summer.

"I should have my list narrowed by the end of the summer," said Alexander. "If that happens, I should have a decision by the middle of the season. I just want to make sure that I am fully qualified for all of the schools."

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