Hardeman liked what he saw

LSU commitment Chris Hardeman had an opportunity to visit his future school yet again over the weekend. The goal of this visit was to take in the LSU spring game as well as play the role of recruiter while on campus.

LSU kicked off their 2014 recruiting class by adding Chris Hardeman to the list before his junior season at Alief Taylor High School in Houston, Tx. Because the 5-9 178 pound Hardeman committed so early, he has been to the LSU campus multiple times. Hardeman, rated as a four-star prospect and 22nd ranked cornerback in the nation, recently had a chance to take yet another visit to his future college campus. This trip was a little different as Hardeman had an opportunity to experience all of the events that take place at LSU's annual spring game.

"We just got there early and then we went to the spring game and saw that," Hardeman told TSD. "We went and ate then at the practice facility. That's when the coaches came out and talked to us. It was a really fun atmosphere."

Because he has been to campus multiple times, Hardeman didn't really see anything new about the program that stood out to him. However, Hardeman went into the weekend hoping to have fun and also try to help lock down some of the talent that was on campus for the Tigers.

"It was nice, but I'd been there a couple of times," said Hardeman. "There was nothing new to me. I just went down there to see the game and enjoy myself and try to get players to commit."

With the goal of the trip being to take in the LSU spring game, Hardeman shared his thoughts on what he saw during the action on Saturday.

"It was a good spring game," said Hardeman. "You can tell that the offense is starting to open up. They look like they are going to be pretty powerful this year. On defense, they are always strong. It was a good game, but it is still spring and they had some defensive backs hurt."

Even though he has conversations with the LSU coaching staff on a regular basis, Hardeman explained that a new topic was discussed with the coaches while he was on campus this weekend.

"We sat down and ate and I talked to them a lot," said Hardeman. "They were just talking about having me graduate early because they want me to come in and contribute in my first season. It was great getting to talk to them."

Keenen Brown, a four-star teammate of Hardeman at Taylor High School, has held an offer from the Tigers since their junior day in February. Hardeman explained that Brown really enjoyed what he saw out of the LSU offense on Saturday.

"He liked it a lot," said Hardeman. "He really liked what he saw out of the offense and how it was opening it up. He is just taking his time and he wants to see what they do a little bit this fall. He likes the ball in his hands. I think he will probably take another visit down there soon just to see how everything is progressing with the offense."

Hardeman would prefer if Brown ended his recruitment by giving his pledge to the Tigers, but that didn't happen this weekend.

"He didn't mention anything to me about committing," said Hardeman. "I want him to, but he hasn't talked to me about it yet."

Hardeman had also hoped to interact with some of the other recruits on campus in order to give them his recruiting pitch for LSU. However, because he spent so much time trying to get Brown to pull the trigger, Hardeman didn't get an opportunity to speak with any of the other recruits.

"I really didn't get a chance to speak with any of the other recruits," said Hardeman. "I was just working on getting Keenen to commit the whole time. I would have loved to have spoken to some other guys, but I was only worried about him this weekend."

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