Rudolph breaks down his recruitment

Northwestern High School quarterback Mason Rudolph had a chance to take in numerous college campuses this spring. With those visits now in the books, Rudolph has a pretty good idea of where things stand in his recruitment.

For Northwestern High School (Rock Hill, Sc.) quarterback Mason Rudolph, the recruiting process has been very hectic in recent months. Interest picked up quickly at the start of the year for Rudolph after he had a junior season in which he threw for 3,990 yards and 41 touchdowns, with only seven interceptions. The 6-4 195 pound Rudolph has used the last several months to take college visits around the country. Most of the stops that the three-star prospect has made have been around the SEC, with one to a Big 12 program. Aside from his visits, everything is status quo for Rudolph after he received a new offer this week.

"I kind of did the whole visit things by going to LSU and then some other places over spring break," Rudolph told TSD. "I went to Georgia, Alabama, and Ole Miss for day visits. I went to Oklahoma State this past weekend because they offered me. I also got a Louisville offer yesterday."

"Other than that, I'm just waiting for my spring practice to come along to see some coaches come out. Schools are kind of pressuring me to commit early in the summer."

One school that has been on Rudolph from the very beginning is LSU. Rudolph explained that the interest from LSU has exceeded the interest that he has seen from other programs around the country.

"LSU is out front with the most interest in me," said Rudolph "They are right at the top of my list. Oklahoma State has showed me a lot of interest as well. Ole Miss, Louisville, and Virginia Tech have also been on me. That's in order of the most interest I have received."

With LSU maintaining consistent interest in Rudolph, the Palmetto State prospect has gotten a chance to form strong relationships with the coaching staff of the Tigers.

"I talk to coach [Cam] Cameron pretty regularly," said Rudolph. "I like him a lot and he is a very good coach. He knows his stuff and he has a pretty nice resume to show for it. I love coach [Les] Miles because he is a funny guy and a great leader."

"He has taken LSU to some great heights and they are up there every year. That's what I like about them."

As was stated, Rudolph recently took in the LSU campus and had a chance to watch the Tigers go through one of their spring scrimmages. What he saw from the offense left him impressed.

"It was really awesome because they had me out on the field in the middle of the scrimmage," said Rudolph. "The pro-style would be a little different from my high school offense, but it isn't entirely a pro-style offense. They throw it a lot and they have some stud running backs. It was awesome to see them work and the opportunity there excites me."

Following his spring visits, Rudolph explained that he was able to learn a lot about the schools that he visited. He shared some thoughts about each school with TSD.

Alabama: "They had a huge weight room, not that that matters, but it was the biggest thing that stood out to me. They have a lot of quarterbacks and I don't know how that fit would be. They haven't offered."

Georgia: "Coach [Mark] Richt is a big Christian guy and I relate really well with him. They have a decent amount of quarterbacks as well and they are another great program."

LSU: "LSU was the biggest surprise to me. I got so much attention while I was there. Meeting with Coach Miles was great and I got to eat dinner in the stadium with him and his family. I love it there."

Ole Miss: "They have a lot of potential and coach [Hugh] Freeze is really down-to-earth. I like the town feel that they have around campus. It was all good there."

Oklahoma State: "They run more of a spread offense, which is what my high school runs. That was a positive. They have a new quarterbacks coach and coach [Mike] Gundy seemed like a really good guy. They have a great fan base as well. They are the best opportunity in terms of the depth chart. That was definitely plus for them."

With most of the hard work out of the way in his recruiting process, Rudolph now has a pretty good idea of where schools stand on his list. While there are several schools ahead of the pack right now, one of those is really standing out to Rudolph.

"I have five offers and I'd probably say that LSU and Oklahoma State are at the top," said Rudolph. "Ole Miss is up there a little bit as well. Virginia Tech has kind of slowed down and then Louisville is just entering the picture. I have those three at the top with LSU really standing out because of the prestige of their program. I am still pretty wide open though."

In terms of when a decision might come from Rudolph, the quarterback explained that he hopes to have it out of the way by the middle of the summer.

"I think it will probably be in June, once I get done with spring practice," said Rudolph. "It will be July at the latest because I feel like I will be confident in where I want to go by that point."

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