LSU offense intrigues Quinn

Receiver Trey Quinn had a very busy spring with numerous college visits made in the last few months. Quinn spoke with TSD's Austin Cooper about the revamped LSU offense and what his next steps in the recruiting process will be.

Barbe High School (Lake Charles, La.) four-star receiver Trey Quinn has been a household name in the recruiting world since before his junior season for the Bucs. During his junior season, Quinn added to his reputation as one of the top pass-catchers in the country by compiling 2,094 receiving yards to go along with 26 touchdowns through the air. The 6-1 200 pound Quinn has used the last several months to check out multiple schools on his list. Other than that, the recruiting process has been fairly routine for the rising senior.

"I'm still talking to coaches," Quinn told TSD. "I'm done with my visits for the spring. I might plan on going a few places this summer, but other than that, things are going about the same for me with my recruitment."

Following his visits, Quinn has had some time to reflect on what he saw while he was on the road. He explained that he learned a lot about the schools that are under consideration for him and would be comfortable in making a decision just based off of what he has seen.

"All of the schools are standing out to me right now," said Quinn. "They are all great places and I could make a good choice based off of the schools that I have already seen. It certainly wasn't a waste of time to check out any of the schools on my list. I'm still looking to go to a few other colleges, but I'm just enjoying it."

With the way the recruiting process began for Quinn, things have started to slow down in certain aspects, mainly visits. Heading into the summer months, Quinn is beginning to think about where he will visit, with one school already in mind.

"I think things are picking up and winding down in different spots for me," said Quinn. "I'm not sure if I'm going to camp or just take visits this summer. The Clemson coaches and I have talked about going up there and working with them at a camp. They really want me to come up there and let Deshaun Watson work out with me."

One school that has been on Quinn since the very beginning is his home-state LSU Tigers. The main concern for Quinn with LSU has been the effectiveness of the offense to throw the ball efficiently.

Last month, Quinn got the opportunity to see the Bayou Bengals go through their annual spring game where the new offense of Cam Cameron was on full display. According to Quinn, he wasn't the only one that left the game impressed by what he witnessed.

"It's good to see that in the spring," said Quinn. "We will see what it is actually like when the fall rolls around, but everyone was impressed. I was so impressed with the receivers. It was great to see them throw the ball downfield and let the receivers play."

Because of what he saw during the spring game, Quinn believes that the revamped offense is the biggest selling point for the LSU coaching staff.

"I think that is the biggest selling point for LSU right now," said Quinn. "It's obvious that it looks better than last year and the year before. The coaches don't have to do a whole lot because it is so easily noticed on my part."

It has started to become a little bit clearer as to what kind of offense Quinn would like to play in once he gets on a college campus. While most of the schools that he is considering run high-powered passing offenses, Quinn admitted that he isn't trying to limit himself to any one kind of scheme.

"I guess that's kind of what it looks like," said Quinn. "It's just about what fits me the best on and off the field. Some of the schools I'm looking at have that high-powered passing game, but LSU isn't a school that runs a five-wide spread. I would say it's a good mix of schools with different offenses that I'm looking at."

The LSU offense is one that Quinn believes can move the football in multiple ways, something that has definitely caught his attention.

"LSU could run a spread out of the shotgun, but their offense is very dynamic because of the strong running attack and elite running backs that they have," said Quinn. "I like what they run."

There is also another factor working in favor of LSU at this point. Since the beginning of the recruiting process Quinn has built a very solid relationship with Will Clapp, a class of 2014 offensive guard commitment to LSU. Quinn believes that his friendship with Clapp will have a little bit of a bearing on his decision.

"It might a little bit," said Quinn. "I love him and he is a great friend. It is definitely a relationship that has grown over the last few months and I'm really glad he and I became friends."

Quinn also added that Clapp has been his biggest recruiter at LSU up to this point in the process.

"I'd say he is my top recruiter for LSU right now," said Quinn. "He talks to me all the time about playing together and it is something I am definitely looking at."

In terms of when a decision may come from him, Quinn explained that he would make the call when it feels right.

"I don't have a timeline," said Quinn. "I'll know when it's the right time to make the call and end things."

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