Q & A: Malachi Dupre

John Curtis' 2014 standout wide receiver added to his state title haul over the weekend on LSU's campus. TSD caught up with Dupre, who updated the latest on his recruiting, a time frame on his decision and what he likes best about LSU.

Not content with just the 2A state football championship in Louisiana, John Curtis' Malachi Dupre added three more to his name over the weekend, taking home state titles in the high jump, long jump and triple jump at the annual meet held on LSU's campus.

TSD's Hunter Paniagua tracked down Dupre for an interview after the 2014 wide receiver took to the medal stand to receive his medals for the high jump and long jump.

Included in the interview below are Dupre's thoughts on LSU, a time frame for his commitment and which schools are currently showing him the most attention and visiting him in River Ridge.

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VIDEO: Malachi Dupre talks recruiting
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Hunter Paniagua: You've already earned two state titles today and have a state title in football. How's it feel to be such a decorated athlete?

Malachi Dupre: It feels good. I've always dreamed of it since I was younger. Now it's become a reality, and it's a great feeling. It just makes me work harder, seeing the goals I'm achieving now. But it also makes me want to work harder now for the goals I've set for my future to achieve those goals.

HP: I know throughout the recruiting process you've said you wanted to get through all your sports first and then focus on recruiting a little more. Are you going to take some more time to do that now that track's almost over with?

MD: Definitely, probably starting Monday. Well, with all the coaches coming by school lately, I have been focusing on it a lot more. I took a trip to UCLA last weekend, and that was fun. But now that track's over with and I'm coming up on my senior summer, I'm going to start focusing on it a lot more and just see what happens.

HP: What are some of the schools that have been coming by your school lately?

MD: Yesterday alone was Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Louisville and Texas A&M. There's also been Florida State, Central Florida. I mean, I've seen maybe 20 coaches in two or three days.

HP: How crazy is that for you to get so much attention?

MD: It's pretty crazy, but I'm starting to get used to it more and more. I'm thankful for the opportunity and God's blessed me with my talents, so hopefully it keeps going.

HP: Alabama offered you recently. What's your interest level in them?

MD: It's very high. I mean, they won a national championship in the SEC. They have a good coaching staff, so I definitely have a lot of interest in them. We'll just see.

HP: You mentioned that trip to UCLA. What are some of the other schools that are kind of standing out right now?

MD: The schools that are showing me the most attention are probably Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State, LSU, UCLA. But I've got to take trips to all those schools. I haven't got to them yet. The UCLA trip was fun, but I still have a lot more trips to take in the summer.

HP: Obviously with LSU, you've been here so much. What's your comfort level with being on this campus? Does it feel like a second home to you at this point?

MD: Definitely. It's right up the road. It's an easy trip. I always enjoy myself when I come here. I wouldn't say home, because I haven't made a decision or anything, but I'm definitely comfortable coming here for things.

HP: What's your time frame on maybe making a commitment and finalizing all this stuff?

MD: I'm going to probably narrow my top five down by the end of the summer, and then I might not announce until the Under Armour Game.

HP: And then when are you going to be making another trip back here to LSU?

MD: Very soon, I'll make another trip here. It's so convenient. That's the biggest thing. I like being around football athletes, and when I come here I get to just hang around the coaching staff and just talk football. That's another big thing. And with it being right up the road, it's easy. So I can see myself taking a lot of trips here during the summer. Just convenience.

HP: What are some of your favorite things about LSU?

MD: They have a good coaching staff, they win, nice facilities. If you come here, you definitely have an opportunity to win a national championship. That's about it, really.

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