Getting to know Michael Chigbu

After Holy Cross (La) saw receiver Kevin Spears sign with LSU in 2013, they will once again feature another standout receiver beginning this season. Class of 2015 prospect Michael Chigbu is already picking up interest from several colleges.

Holy Cross High School (New Orleans, La.) saw wide receiver Kevin Spears sign with LSU in February for the class of 2013 after a productive couple of years of football. The class of 2015 is sure to provide another playmaker at receiver for the Tigers of Holy Cross. Michael Chigbu is preparing to enter his junior year of high school and he is already impressive physically, standing at 6-2 and 210 pounds.

As a sophomore, Chigbu only caught two passes for 45 yards and a touchdown, but he was also playing behind Spears for the better part of the season in order to be prepared to take over the role this year. Just based on his limited numbers and physical attributes, college coaches have already been checking in on Chigbu.

"I see things on the internet, but I haven't talked to anyone besides Southern Miss when they came down to see me," said Chigbu. I'm not really getting any mail, but my coach talked to LSU."

Holy Cross head coach Barry Wilson feels as though Chigbu may have more potential than LSU signee Kevin Spears, something that has caused a lot of college coaches to pass through his office.

"Michael is a freak of nature," said Wilson. "He will have one more year of experience than Kevin [Spears] did because he gave up basketball sooner. He can jump out of the building and he has great speed downfield. He's definitely faster than Kevin and has the potential to be a national recruit in a couple of years."

"Coaches from all over have already been by to speak with me about him. They all fell in love with his abilities as soon as they saw him. Most of them just want to see him in action this fall before they offer."

Even with so many coaches visiting Holy Cross this spring, Chigbu explained that he hasn't given it much thought because he is focused on high school football at this point in the process.

"Honestly, I have seen a couple, but I don't really pay attention to that while I'm at practice and things like that," said Chigbu. "I haven't really talked to my coach about anything at this point either."

While it is still very early in the process for Chigbu, the talented rising junior has a pretty good idea of which schools may be the first ones to offer him.

"LSU of course, maybe Texas, Southern Miss, Auburn, North Carolina, North Carolina State, UL- Lafayette, and Louisiana Tech are all schools that I feel will offer me very soon," said Chigbu. "I really hope to get some offers from those schools."

Chigbu has had an interest in LSU since he was very young. Even with this interest, Chigbu has a couple of concerns with the Bayou Bengals that he hopes to see improved this season.

"I hope they start throwing the ball a lot more this year," said Chigbu. "I have interest in them, but they have been known as a running team in the past. If they offer me, I would strongly consider it, but I'll just have to see how things like the depth chart look at that time."

While Chigbu has reservations about his home-state LSU Tigers, he still believes that the fact that he hails from Louisiana will have a huge influence on his final college decision.

"Being from Louisiana will have a major influence on my recruitment," said Chigbu. "It will probably dictate where I go to school."

Chigbu has started preparing for his junior season when he will be heavily relied upon for Holy Cross. After his coach met with a member of the LSU coaching staff, Chigbu has a pretty good idea of what they like about him and when an offer may come from the Tigers.

"I guess they look to me to come in and fill the spot that Kevin left," said Chigbu. "I know that LSU likes my size, but they want to see my film and see me in action before they offer me."

Chigbu admitted that having a former teammate at LSU will probably influence his decision a bit.

"Kevin being at LSU will have a little bit of an influence on me, but I really want to make my own decision for me," said Chigbu.

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