Clapp impressed with LSU's 2014 class

Will Clapp was one of LSU's first commitments for the class of 2014. Clapp still maintains regular contact with the Tigers and has taken on the role of recruiter in the state of Louisiana for LSU.

When Brother Martin offensive guard William Clapp committed to LSU in January of this year, he instantly became one of the pillars that the staff hoped to build their instate 2014 recruiting class around. The four-star prospect has seen contact from all schools but LSU cease to happen, something he was hoping for after his commitment was issued. For now, Clapp remains solid to the Tigers and recently received a visit from his future position coach.

"Things have been great," Clapp told TSD. "I'm still 100% on my commitment. Coach [Greg] Studrawa was out at my practice on Wednesday and he stayed the whole time to watch the entire practice. He liked what he saw."

Clapp is noticeably bigger than he was during his junior season at his New Orleans area high school. Clapp explained that he has grown and put on weight since last season.

"I'm 6-5 and 285 pounds right now," said Clapp. "I've grown a little bit and put on some weight since the end of football season."

With him being a vital piece to LSU's 2014 recruiting class, the Tiger coaching staff has maintained regular contact with Clapp, as have a couple of members of the 2013 recruiting class.

"I still talk to coach Studrawa and coach [Frank] Wilson every week," said Clapp. "I talk to Ethan Pocic and Andy Dodd quite frequently. I talk to everyone in the program a lot despite me already being committed."

With the summer months quickly approaching, Clapp has started to think about his next visit to LSU, which will be for one of their two camp sessions.

"I'm definitely going to make it up there for a camp date to work out and go up against some of the top talent," said Clapp. "I'm not sure which one I will be at because of football and basketball schedules."

Clapp, along with Chris Hardeman, has become one of the main recruiters for LSU in the 2014 class. Clapp has his targets set on several instate players, with him speaking to one of them several times a week.

"I still talk to Trey [Quinn] probably two to three times a week," said Clapp. "I talk to Garrett Brumfield a lot too, even though he is committed. I try to talk to anyone I can whenever I see them. I've talked to Davon Godchaux a lot as well. I really just try to talk to them to get to know them."

"I always make it a point to talk to the guys that LSU is looking at. I want to get to know all of them better in case we end up playing together."

Clapp explained that he and the four-star Quinn have developed a very solid friendship. Because of this, the topic of recruiting rarely comes up.

"We don't really talk recruiting that much because we are such great friends," said Clapp. "He really has no idea where he wants to go at this point, though. I don't think he is leaning anywhere."

LSU currently sits near the top of the recruiting rankings with their 2014 class. According to Clapp, the Tigers should get to the top of the rankings and go beyond any class that they have ever signed this year.

"I think this might be one of the best classes in LSU history," said Clapp. "The players in Louisiana and Texas make it phenomenal. We are going to get top guys from other places as well. LSU will be loaded with talent and I fully expect a lot of this class to play their first day on campus."

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